Play calling

I have seen a lot of negative comments made on these forums. I myself have contributed towards the negativism of the TiCats play this year out of sheer frustration.

So I decided that rather than continually rant about what is wrong about the TiCats, how about letting people on the forum design plays. Maybe, just maybe someone upstairs in the coaching staff might get a few ideas.

The one play that I would design would be a double cross with the slots and the wide-outs in a single back formation. The wide-outs would cut into the middle of the field doing similar to a post pattern while the slots cross the path of the wideouts and continue doing a flag pattern. Instead of both wide-outs doing a post pattern, have one of the wideouts go to the flag on the opposite side of the field from where they started from. The running back can block and release leaving a safety valve for the quaterback.


That gave me an idea. I'm going to create a 50 to 100 play, playbook and see what everyone thinks.

Make sure it can be used in a cracked Madden CFL-ready game. :wink:
Or Maximum Football, if you prefer.

Charlie Taaffe's (or equivalent's)new OC will have his own playbook. Paopao is certainly not going to plagiarize yours, so I wish you well in your labour of love.

Oski Wee Wee,

lol, I’m just going to do it to burn some time until Madden 2007 comes out.

Arg, for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called when you begin running up to the line before the snap. Wow, brain fart.


Ok, so I just realized that would take forever to type up :stuck_out_tongue:, so that’s one project I’m passing on…lol

Why not use the ol' bunch formation where you send three or more receivers to the front side and leave your deep threat (Flick or Ralph) one on one on the backside? It's a nice way to put the fear of God into opposing defenses and the best thing about it is that the QB can modify the play based on what he sees pre-snap at the line of scrimmage. Run that play multiple times but vary who gets the ball. You can hit the isolated wideout, find one of the bunch receivers, or swing a pass out to your running back in the flat while the bunch receivers block for him.

With deep threats like Ralph and Flick, it's criminal not to devise plays to get them matched up in man coverage with a DB. These guys are athletes -- give them the opportunity to use their athleticism to beat a DB one on one.

If you do that you’ll have 45 to 95 more plays than Poapoas.

Haha, they're easy to draw up, just not easy to put on the computer.

I totally agree. As you can tell by my username, I’m from Edmonton, and subsequently a huge Maas fan. I know he has the ability to put the ball where he wants, but with the plays designed the way they are in the Paopao offense, it’s hard to force the ball 20 yards downfield. I agree with your bunch formation idea. In Edmonton when he had much success it was quite often with isolation routes to Jason Tucker. Not so much in a bunch formation, but quite often with Ed Hervey crossing underneath providing a 1 on 1 with Tucker running a corner route. Either way… GET ATHLETES LIKE RALPH AND FLICK THE BALL WHEN THEY ARE IN STRIDE!!!

A new one for the cats play book...the 'go long' play. Could be assigned as a trick play by the coaches.



X <--Maas



LOL!!! Cute, very cute!!! Ha ha ha!!