Play Calling

You're welcome - in more ways than one.

That's pretty rich for a guy that trolled our board the NIGHT we lost to your Als...

I wasn't trolling, just responding to some member comments. Anyhow, let's move on.

You have trolled the Ticat board in the passive aggressive way you Als fans all seem to love. As soon as someone points something out you have done you want to change the topic. Hmmm...

Anyway, I can certainly admit that I go over the top sometimes, and I apologize for that, especially to fellow Ticat fans.

I simply cannot deal with hypocrites and ignorance of football, so in the future I will simply ignore comments that bring out my less attractive side, or at least figure out a way of responding that isn't against forum rules.

To be fair to Bob... he has been extremely patient and courteous with me, so I at least owe him the respect in return of not making unneeded moderation work here.

onemoredork ! I knew I recognized the style.... Now it all makes sense.

Let's not.

And now to change the subject from name calling back to PLAY CALLING.
Mathews threw some good balls last time out. Yes he got in a panic a few times, but remember he was dead cold. Something that should be remedied by sideline meetings with the #1 and #2 qb while the defense is in the field. Maybe not every play, but often enough to point out trends in their D.
KA and TC will have a game plan better suited to Mathews' talents, and hopefully better plays will be relayed to him by the spotters.
Do we need to run more? We on the board seem to think so. It does help the O line, and it does give their D something else to consider.

With a pocket passer like Mathews, a better running game will take some pressure off of him and open things up for the intermediate passing routes, where both Fantuz and Tasker are deadly.

That's what I'm anxious to see. He really is a pure pocket passer, so the protection schemes will need to be retooled. We might see the Lefevour packages used by Harris as well when things aren't going well.

We should look at this as the next 4 games to get Mathews ready to face the back to back OTT games to finish the season and improve our playoff position.
I would hope for, but not expect miracles against the #1 rated Stampeders, but this will be a 6 game process,
one game at a time, to prepare Mathews and the team to get us to the Playoffs and to the Grey Cup.
This team thrives on adversity, any team that comes against us now and thinks they will roll over us,
will be in for a big surprise!



Gable is the better RB with out a doubt

Gable is tall and has an upright running style. He's always going to be injured in Pro football. His situation is very similar to Lumsden.

His latest injury had NOTHING to do with is running style, and everything to do with a blew team player belly-flopping on top of him as he was being pulled to the ground.

Called a tackle...


I enjoy talking about Fantuz and Gable as much as the next guy, but ... did anyone else notice this in Drew's column yesterday?

Notes: the Ticats have placed receiver Andy Fantuz and running back C.J. Gable back on the six-game injured list. Both players suffered dislocated elbows in the Aug. 3 win over Toronto and haven’t played since. They can be removed from the six-game at any time, however…

Well wonders never cease...I cannot believe that I am in agreement with my bunker mate next lawn over. CFF has a point to which I say D&P and the other regular Alouettes posters have a very distinct & separate (see what I did there?) passive aggressive way of interjecting themselves into what I have read in the past to be a "safe haven" topic (unless this is not one such area to be considered a safe haven then I apologize).

I am of the belief that the very few Als fans who post on their own forums get the attention they feel they richly deserve so they come unto our territory and play this "hey! I come in peace" malarky.

It's an annoyance and even though other posters do not seem to mind, I say that you treat safe havens in accordance to the rules.

I read it too, and nearly put my fist through my monitor...

Be careful, you could dislocate an elbow that way.