Play Calling

Thank you for the clarification. I was trying to wrap my mind around what we call our 5- and 6-receiver set offences, and that was the best term that I could come up with. It amounts to the same thing, we are seeing many more NFL Offences with 5-receiver sets (2WR, 1-2 SB, 1TE) than ever, or 2 WR, 1 SB, 1 TE, and 1 RB. Warren Moon commented on that in his "A Football Life" episode.

Running backs are only as good as the people who block for them, I don’t care who they are. Some backs are tough enough to gain an extra yard or two on their own but it you are looking for a true running game, get better blockers. I see players like Messam and Cornish get stuffed because their linemen can’t open up running lanes. I get fed up with seeing our backs, no matter who they are, running into their own players because they can’t move people out of the way. Sure, Austin seems to prefer the passing game, maybe because he can’t get a good running game going. You want a balanced attack, get some people who can do the job.

I agree with some imagination with 2nd & 3 or 4 to go....I do love the run on "1st down" ...but please no wide outs to the side lines...they set up perfect "pick 6s"...maybe screens or if you insist, a quarterback draw??

Agreed. And let's not forget that Troy Davis carried the mail back when the team as a whole wasn't in great shape and the only part of the offense that really worked was the run. But he still smashed into those defensive fronts and ground out yards after first tackle game after game.

Troy Davis's had an amazing 5 yrs in a row 1000+ YDS, Best season-2004....324 carries/1,628 yds/5.0 avg/10 TD's
The man was indeed a total Beast and yes he did play on some terrible teams,the worst being that dreadful 1-17 squad of "03" :oops:
The nice thing for him though is he did end up winning a Grey Cup with the Eskimos after the Cats traded him mid-season in "05" when Jesse Lumsden showed up on the scene.

Here are Troy Davis's career stats.....impressive to say the least :thup:

Very impressive. I had forgotten that he at least got to be part of a Grey Cup win in Edmonton after he left Hamilton. Good for him. Class act and a stud RB. :thup:

Thanks for the comments… do you need me to show you the way back to the Al’s board?

Why do you often have to be such an insulting, condescending, know-it-all ass?

Posters are free to have their own opinions even if they are apparently not the "expert" you are and the site is open to one and all, within posting guidelines. (now that I've violated said guidelines)

You are giving TiCat fans a bad name... IMHO :frowning:

Found a picture of him.

And he still hasn't acknowledged the typo I pointed out in his post where he was pointing out another poster's typo. Anyone surprised?

D&P, you're welcome here anytime. Well maybe not right after we lose to the Als, OK?

I simply once made a comment on the Als board about Cox being a dirty player, and was told by D&P to go away. So how am I any worse?

He has the gall to tell me to go away, yet spends more time on the Ticat board than his own teams board.

Two wrongs don't make a right, you know. But in any event, there is a big difference here. D&P made a complimentary reference to a former TiCat here. You, however, on the Als' forum, made a negative comment about an Alouette. Make derogatory comments about any player on another team on that team's forum, you'll get called out every time. Compliment said player on that team's forum, and you won't be. I trust you can see the difference.

Things are "derogatory" when not true IMO.

Cox is a dirty player. Fact. Period.

I have said this before... don't blame me if the truth is an insult. I didn't make the truth.

Often in life, the truth can be insulting.

You insulted one of his team's players on his team's board. He complemented one of our players on our board. You don't see a difference?

D&P's style, while on our board, is to provide information and his opinion. He very seldom crosses the line, if ever, into personal attacks. And while he does sometimes criticize some of our players or coaches, his posts are well thought-out, and he backs up those criticisms with facts. He adds to the discussion, providing a unique perspective. That's why I say he is welcome here. This forum could do with more like him.

An insult isn't an insult if it's "the truth"? Wow.

D & P is welcome here anytime. On the other hand, CFF is killing my interest in this board.

"Cox takes a lot of unsportsmanlike conduction and unnecessary roughness penalties", which can be quantified, is a fact. "Cox has injured a number of players with illegal hits", which can be quantified, is a fact. "Cox is a dirty player" is an opinion, as the term "dirty" cannot be quantified and means different things to different people. See the difference?

The original idea here was the fact that we were doing something over and over again that clearly wasn’t working. Like running on 2nd and 3-4 and going no where. Give up the run at that point and try a pass for a first. Not abandon the run altogether…not who was better when or whatever. Adapting the game plan…sheeshhh…

Well, kudos to you for trying to get back on track, but.... by now we should all be used to it. It only takes about 1 page of posts before the whole original topic is lost and things get into personal attacks and completely off-topic posts.

However, guess that's how people here like it, so it will keep on happening............. :thdn:

You're still obsessed with Cox! Lay off Cox for a while beta girl.

[i]Sorry for the incursion Ticat fans. But this guy canfootfan... Wow, he is an insult machine. Even Johnny is offended by this guy! Don't tolerate this fool in your forum.

Johnny out. [/i]

Thank you. I appreciate that. I enjoy talking football with Als fans, but also with fans of other teams like yourself who engage in respectful debate and who won't dismiss my opinion out of hand just because I happen to cheer for a rival team. I would never come into your forum and trash one of your players. Would I offer criticism of a player's performance? Sure, if his performance warranted criticism, but the tone would be pretty muted.

This guy, CFF, though, is quite another piece of work. He's been trolling me on the open forum, slinging all kinds of bigoted comments my way, without any repercussion. So I really have nothing to say to him.