Play Calling

First...the team is still very good...bad games/things happen.
I give my head a shake when we are 2nd and 3 or 4 and we run the ball. Over and over again when clearly the running game isn't working. 64 yards on the day tells you this. If it isn't working the first 5 or 6 times then try a pass on 2nd and 5. Yes, offensive line was a bit banged up and Mathews for some reason seemed out of his element...but if it hasn't worked out up to that point why didn't we go to a short passing route when we needed 4 yards?

Second....for the 2nd home game in a row the visiting team does not come out when they are announced. In fact an official had to go to the Eskimos locker room to get them,,,,then they still waited.....time to stop announcing them and let the Ticats come out on cue.

Ladies and gentlemen. We actually have an argument saying that we run the ball TOO much!

(I'm not commenting upon the sentiment.... just the amazement that we're seeing this statement concerning this team.)

As I've stated in other threads, IMO the problem as it relates to the running game is our offense is very pass oriented. We spend a lot of time in practice on it and we align our players and talents based on that skill set - passing.

I don't think we game plan well for the running game, I don't think TC designs good running plays and we certainly don't look like we practice running that much because we just are not smooth and assertive when we run. I realize we have back ups on the line and at RB, however, it's pretty plain to see we just are not good at running the ball

I agree though that on 2cd and 2 and four guys tackle our running back for a 2 yard loss...and this happens a LOT is very frustrating to watch.

Can we also not give credit where credit is due? Edmonton has a great run defence - ALMOST as good as ours :wink: Combine that with a depleted O-Line, and that is what happens.

I would agree with you 100% if it was just this game where IMO the offense has struggled to run effective running plays. This has been a problem IMO under the Austin/Condell offense. Gable has helped limit the exposure of a less than effective execution running the ball with his outstanding ability.

we need a running game now to take pressure off young Quarterbacks
They can’t be dropping back 40 to 60 times a game .

They current backs are useless… Gable I pray is back …
and they better find him a good back up not crap we have now.

As I recall the game, it was the first time in a long time that the run remained part of the play calling even after being ineffective early. Usually, a few stuffed runs and that was it. Pass, pass, pass. But this game the run, while not often, was even throughout. I thought that it got better as the game went on.

Tom: Hold on a sec buddy. Ray Holley has been doing a great job for us. He is a stronger runner than Gable...but the two of them together would be formidable.
I don't think Austin/Condell will be ignoring the run as much a we have seen in the past now that Zack is gone. They don't have as much choice in the matter any more.You are correct though. Mathews needs a good batch of running plays. At least until he quits throwing interceptions.

Ummm WHAT ? Better runner than CJ Gable ? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Did you actually just say that Holley is a better runner than CJ Gable? I'm a 40 year Cats fan and am hard pressed to find a better running back in all those years than Gable. Jimmy Edwards from the 70s is the only back that is as dominating as Gable has been.

Also, far and away, there is no back in Canada who blocks better than Gable...and that is a quote from Kent Austin.

Holley is a good blocker with straight ahead running. Nothing fancy. But not even in the same league as Gable.

Gable is better all a round back He makes yard Holley is not even as good as woodson
who IMO should been used more often Really feel need a back from a NFL Cut
Woodson in Brief Carries is avg 5.4 yards per carry .

Don’t like Holley at all He avg 4.8 Plus he not a Great blocker .

Being a longtime 'Cats fan I guess you never saw Ronald Williams or Troy Davis play for the Ticats.

Andy Hopkins was no slouch either.

Hopkins was pretty good too, but he was with the team just over 40 years ago. A bit too early for oskee7777.

There were also a couple of guys named Lumsden. Unfortunately, neither one played long for the Ticats.

Holley has done decent but I would not say he has done a great job. He is very inconsistent. One game he runs down hill others he dances around like Chevon Walker. I cant say with confidence he will get a first down when needed.

I’ve only really been following the CFL for 15 years, but in that time, the best Hamilton RB I’ve ever seen was Troy Davis. That guy was a beast.

Your are correct Troy Davis was a beast. From where I sit, running the ball is an attitude. The OLine get an opportunity to tee off and knock people around and in some cases pancake them. It is all about attitude and physicality of the game, either you are the hammer or you are the nail. Ray Holley is a fairly good back, however in my opinion he goes down after the first contact. I was looking forward to see what Ronnie Wingo could do, unfortunately he was cut shortly after the team signed him. I like the old fashioned smash mouth football where the run sets up the pass and you basically try to break the other teams will by running over them. KA and TC are pass first and run when necessary. I would prefer a solid smash mouth running game that complements the pass. That may change with Mathews in a QB?

you mean you never saw duane forde play :wink:

Those days are vanishing both here and in the NFL, my friend. The majority of teams in both leagues have embraced the spread offence (that has been in use here for decades) and you rarely see the "three yards and a cloud of dust" any more.

Spread offense translates from NCAA to CFL or vice versa because of placement of the "hash-marks".