Play calling

I think the loss was a direct result of questionable play calling.
Too many predictable running plays to Colbourne. Not enough passing plays. This is the CFL man!
Why does Burris never roll out, just drop back into the pocket? Play to his strengths. When they were in the red zone, Colbourne was open coming out of the backfield, but instead Burris throws into tight coverage, if I recall correctly.

The defence didn't play badly, until the 4th quarter. We had decent pressure and sacked Buck at least 4 times. But, every other time we came close to a sack, he would dump it to his RB for a 1st down.

Burris is still near the top in QB stats in the league. We have arguably the best receiving corp.(please start does Guigerre start over him), strong Linebacker, strong Running Backs and a strong Return game.

How do we have a losing record?
There's still hope if the players can believe in themselves...I thought last week was the beginning of that.
Let's hope.

Cortez is a moron thats why we have a losing record.

No need to beat around the bush 'eh? :lol:

Burris does not call the plays. That is done from the OC (HC here) and the spotters. Burris doesn't roll out 'cause that's not what the 'brain trust' called for.

Probably the only QB that gets to call any of his own plays is AC.

Play calling has been better this year than the past 3 years under MB. I think we have more variety of plays in the playbook and we seem to mix it up quite a bit. We have had some major issues the past few games with the dropsies.

If it's anyones play calling, it would be on the defensive side. 30+ points a game surrended is enough said.

How many times did we see Hank fake the hand-off (Awkwardly), pump fake to the receiver in the slot, and then throw a panicked pass across the field to the sideline for an incompletion?

There was no attempt to establish a rythym with any of the receivers.

(On the other side of the ball, I liked what I saw from the defence. I thinkthey just got tired in at the end of the game.)

Was the panicked throw due to poor oline blocking? The line has been pretty bad with Hage being injured, Jimenez (and his sometime stupid penalties) gone, Hudson gone, and Rottier gone.

AC hasn't called his own plays since the Don Matthews era, back in 2006. No QB calls his own plays anymore, which is a good thing IMO. QBs have enough to worry about without thrusting the burden of playcalling on them.

Speaking of stupid penalties...Dile is good for at least a couple per game.

Even when Dile doesn't get called for procedure he looks like he's moving early.

I'm not as concerned about the play calling as much as I am the execution of the plays being called on the field. But no means am I saying that the offensive game plan is scripted perfectly, and if anything I feel coach Cortez abandons certain sets & plays because of limited success earlier in the game. Not sure what's better ... The way Coach Bellefueille with certain plays when it was obviously not working, or Cortez's quick trigger finger.

Henry is running the zone-read-spread-option very awkwardly. He is not "riding" the RB smoothly ... Very rarely runs thus eliminating one of the options ... Seems hesitant in making a choice ... And often makes the wrong read. He needs to be crisper & decisive & run every now & then with purpose in order to "spread" the defence & make a defender respect the 2nd option. Right now the defence knows its only going to be option 1 then 3 thus allowing them to stck inside and play pass coverage on the outsides.

Henry also seems to be out of sorts when it comes to slide protection that the OLine employs. He does not seem to do the designed roll out that I assume was the intent. He seems to stand still and even go the wrong way at times. If its a naked bootleg, then he has to run with purpose.

Lastly, even Avon, despite having decent games, is missing his holes. All too often I watch the offensive line down block & isolate the defensive end for a kick-out yet Avon does not cut back on the counter which is what I imagine the call intended.

Those are just two players and a few examples to illustrate that I think it's more to do with play execution rather than play calling.

Fender, great post, thanks for sharing. Why do you think Henry, Avon, and undoubtedly other players on offense (Fantuz) are having such a hard time executing their assignments? These aren't rookies or scrubs; they're talented players. Burris is a former MOP. Avon has multiple Cup rings. Is there a gap between what they're doing and what the coaches are communicating to them? A running back cutting back on a counter is pretty basic stuff, right? Why can't the players execute?

I honestly don't know. Wish I did cause as Coach Cortez says; "It beats workin'!"

I'm guessing they're just not on the same page, which by game 13 you'd think they would. But it's clearly evident that they aren't. QB & RB colliding at the exchange point. SB's having to come to a stop in their waggle to the line of scrimmage.

I put the majority of this on Henry. He's the leader. He has to execute. If it was just one thing. Missed exchange points or wrong reads. Or if it was just one receiver miss timing his waggle. But it's not. It's Henry unfortunately. Hank & Kevin Glenn are the same type of Quarterbacks. When they're on ... They're on! When they're off ... Well ... We know only too well what happens. You rarely see Hank or Kevin have a bad start & battle back & recover & pull it out of the fire. Quite honestly, you can tell how things will fair with HB & KG in the first 5 passes!

Good point about the similarities between Burris and Glenn. Who is Hamilton's QB coach? One would imagine that the QB coach would be working with Henry on fundamentals like smoothly riding the RB on zone reads, reading the field, getting the offense set at the line so slots don't have to stop their waggle (unless he's stutter-counting). It just seems like Hank needs to be coached up here and maybe he's not getting that help at the level of mechanics because Cortez is wearing so many different hats.

Last year it was Khari Jones, this year it's Doug Sams.

So, Jones never coached Burris and Sams never coached Burris.

Doug Sams is the QB coach. And while he is a tremendously experienced & qualified coach, I believe he's just doing & saying what Coach Cortez wants. Same goes for Copeland as receivers coach & Sheehan as running backs coach. This offence is Cortez from start to finish & everywhere in between.

Some of it may come down to Cobourne, Walker & Rutley splitting reps so much during practice & the constant indecisiveness regarding the RB position. But that doesn't explain the problems at receiver. Its basically been the same unit since day 1 with the exception of Kelly & Grant being swapped here & there.

I think it's just Henry. He's indecisive. He's hesitant. He's playing without confidence. He's not dictating. He's reacting and he seems to have lost confidence in his decisions.

I think they need to short leash him, reduce the play book, script him early to get small successes that builds his confidence.

5 step roll outs. Overload the field side with receivers. Quick hitters for 5 yards. Get the ball out of Henry's hands early & let players make plays. Need to cut the field in half for him right now so that he's not throwing across his body or having to try and figure out where the trailing coverage or under coverage is coming from.

Script him. Give him less options early. Get him early successes then open things up.