Play Calling?

Is it just me or should the ALs have gone for a first down on third and three giving them a good chance at two more shots rather than put everything on the line with a lower percentage play? I thought the call should have been obvious! Call me disappointed.:frowning:

Even on that play Calvillo could have easily run for the first down if not a touchdown. If you watch the replay a huge hole opens up to his left. Very frustrating

I think that frankly the Alouettes have less options under a Calvillo offence
When looking at a 2nd/3rd and medium
Making it undesirable to go for the 1st than to pass the ball down the field 15-20 yards for the touchdown.

It's obvious that while Whitaker has done some great things this year
And in everybody's opinion should/could do more
That medium-short play up the middle
Busting some faces and imposing your will
Is simply one facet of the Alouettes game that's fallen apart
Since Cobourne's departure

Trestmanovich and Calvillo himself are aware of this weakness
And do what seems reasonable:
If you can't bust it up the gut
Then go with your strength
Unfortunately defences know this as well
And are sitting on these medium passing plays
On crucial downs
To Richardson and Green

There's also Calvillo's inability
To emulate Drew Tate on that marvelous touch pass early in the game
At least 3 passes were dropped because AC whipped the ball in when a touch pass
Would have been the way to go.

McPherson is really the only rational answer to this conundrum
Defences are starting to expect exactly what we're serving up
And a change of pace on certain crucial downs
May be the only way to salvage this season

Except that every time AC gets his wheels churning
To take advantage of one of these holes
He gets caught in a step and a half

This happened several times today
Stalling drives and forcing the defence back on the field.

That hole was so big that I could've run through it for three yards. All he had to do was three yard then hookslide and go for an easier TD pass on the next play

So what you’re saying is just about any quarterback with some mobility and speed
Could have run for the 1st down…or even the touchdown
And we would have won the day
And 1st place
Perhaps the season


No, what I'm saying is that even Calvillo could've run through that hole without fumbling

Considering he fumbled yet again today
That's debatable