Play Calling.

just a question or thoughts i suppose about the play calling last night.

imo, in the cfl u need a balanced attack, a nice mix of run and pass.

week 1 we threw the ball 25 times or so and ran the ball the same amount.

this game we passed the ball about 35 times and reid only had 7 carries, buck had 7 carries also.

but thats 35 passing, 14 runs and some of bucks runs were probably not called that way. he just read the d and did what he does.

what do u guys think.. alot of talk on here about serna, about sp teams coverage but not much on the play calling..

imo, 35 passes and 14 runs = not good enough.

25 25 is a good number. u get the defense guessing abit and last night.. they knew all we were gonna do is throw.

yes we were down by 16 at one point but we came back and took the lead.. why not run the ball abit more. give reid some more carries, wheres bernard? whats the point in dressing sadeghin or whoeover if u arent gonna use them.. just a change of pace every now and then, reid isnt getting it done? put in bernard.

just curious on peoples thoughts as it related to the play calling last night.

In a perfect world it would be a lot more even but most times you have to take what the defense gives you. The Argo defense shut down the run pretty well but we had pretty good success passing.

We had almost 500 yards of offence...

There's nothing wrong with the offence...

If anything, I thought our defence was a little predictable and didn't fool Lemon at all with the looks. The Argos picked up every blitz and Lemon rolled away from the pressure every time. I hope Kavis didn't open his entire playbook in game 1. :?

To be fair...losing Dorian Smith and Ian Logan early hurt.

Totally agree. Losing Smith messed up the rotation and while Brady Browne has a lot of potential, Ian Logan was outstanding against the Ticats and is one of the best at his position.

rumors are d smith and logan are doubtful for our next game. brady browne is a big hitter, who seems to know his role. i like him, he seems to want to be better, thats good plus he's kinda local playing for the bisons atleast.. kinda cuz he's not a winnipeger but pretty much.. gotta cheer for those guys abit :stuck_out_tongue:

when i originally posted this i thought.. i dont know actually, but watched parts of the game again and ya.. 500 yards offense in both games.. so we're ok on offense.

defensively tho i just saw a few missed tackles.. a few holds, a few bad plays but nothing like terrible, didnt see some guy ridiculously out of position. the defense played good enough in my opinion.

we truly do have 1 weakness on this team, and thats special teams.. cant tackle on kick off returns or missed fg's. and it costed us big time. big time.. argos started close to mid field alot of the first half. parts of the 2nd half too. we didnt.

thats special teams.

what can be done to correct our weak area... i guess bringing doggett back is a step in the right direction. still think we need a kick return, jovon is fine at the punts. catch, almost break one. thats jovon, he will bust one soon too.

perhaps bernard or even fred reid can return kicks?

but seems tackling is our biggest concern with special teams. i think its correctable. we shall see tho.

The kick cover team is the problem...for sure. It's a huge problem right now.

Gotta get these guys coached up in a hurry...STAY IN YOUR LANES!!!

....where is Bernard...???? good question....Watching the riders insert this little Charles guy into the running game ,worked out well....Nice change of pace from Cates....I think we should look at doing the same with Bernard or with the other backs we have on the roster... :roll: Lapo is pass conscience first....running the ball is not going to be his primary...however we still have to give these other backs a shot...

Special teams willget a boost with Doggett back on board....and i hope to hell Serna isn't going back to his 'funk' of a few years ago when he couldn't hit the broad-side of a barn with some of his field-goal attempts...????We have to do better..

Injuries are costing us in the secondary....Glenn will exploit that next game....I hope our offence can put a lot of points on the board... :wink: then a win is very possible in the hammer...we'll see... :roll:

And Bernard was great on special teams last year too boot. Agreed, gotta get him into the line up for both duties.

I would be shocked if the TiCats made the same mistakes against us next week that they did in the opener. If they do, they are bigger trouble than I thought.

Reid didn't get many touches running the ball because he wasn't all that effective with the chances he did have. What is surprising, as the others have said, is that Bernard hasn't had any touches. I was expecting to see more of a rotation in the backfield than there's been thus far when you consider last year with the Riders you saw guys like Szarka, Stu Foord, and Neil Hughes have quite a few touches aside from Cates. Other than Stephenson mopping up at the end of the game vs the TiCats, I don't think there has been much of a rotation in there. As far as playcalling, that will change game in game out depending on the strengths of the defense you're facing and what happens to be working best as the game goes along.

I thought I read somewhere that Dorian Smith said he was okay. I can't find the article now though.

....great.....we missed the big fella...I sure don't like all of these early/key injuries we seem to be suffering :roll: