Play Calling...

I cant believe people out thee believe Lumsden is being used properly...
A great running back doesnt get handed the ball 8 times in a game,thats crazy....
So now that other teams are focusing in on him we should use him as a decoy?thats bush league..
Its funny how Cory Holmes was one of the better players in the league before he came here...
This team needs to surround its offence around Lumsden if it wants to win,,8 carries for the teams best player is pathetic...
This loss is on the coaches for calling such a bush league game.....
Even teams with average running backs hand the ball of more than 8 times..
Whats the use of throwing those stupid 2 yard dump off passes that dont work when you can hand the ball off and get those same yards if not more....
I'll say it again this teams play calling is a JOKE.......

Some people around here can justify anything including 1-6 record. The offensive game plans are bush league. The inability to recognize a struggling quarterback is unacceptable. I believe we have the players to not only make the playoffs but do some serious damage this year considering how so many other teams are struggling. This should be a decent year for the Cats. But stupid decisions are killing us one game at a time....
We can blame it on the refs, on the O line, the receivers .... but if your quarterback is leading the team, scoring TDs ... the game never comnes down to one dropped ball, or one or two bad calls. These are excuses, mind you good ones at times, but nevertheless just excuses.


For once, I don't have anything to say about Maas. The play calling, the receivers, the refs are another story.

Bottom line give Jesse the ball...Keep running him into that D line and they will ware down,it will also open up the passing game......
The Cats will not win 1 more game if they use Lumsden like they did last nite....

lets not forget how close we came to winning without the use of lumsden.

everyone is down on the staff for giving lumsden the ball only 8 times.



we didnt get blown out of the water. it was no 42-3 or worse. 19-17 with the key 2 pases at the end messed up. say what you want about the coaches giving him the ball less for 1 game

fact: he had the rushing lead going into game 6 (with only 1 win mind you)
we didnt get smoked. we barely lost. on a few flukes
our qb was moving the ball fine, and lumsden was blocking fine. we had offensive production

you are all talking like its the end of the world for the cats. didnt you watch the game? 1 catch or 1 call and we had that game wrapped up. regardless of lumsden or not we almost won.

lets look back on games 1 2 and 3 where lumsden did well rushing. and we didnt get a freeking offensive touchdown

now look at last nights close game.

end point- lumsden is a damned good runner. but he isnt the team. and clearly hes good, one of the best the league has seen in years. but with the pre-leading rusher in the league and only 1 offensive t.d i'd more than suggest going to the air all next game.

understand. lumsden can run. but the cats cant win

how do we win. by expanding our game beyond lumsden.

if you like him so much, get his number.

Hey said it perfectly,,we ALMOST won,,Way to go Cats you ALMOST won...I feel so much better knowing we ALMOST won....
I was looking in the standings,and I didnt see a section for almost winning..
Now if we ALMOST win a few more games do we make the playoffs..
I dont care if we lose 7-6 or 53-3 it still goes down in the losing column....
We lost that game because we didnt use our best offensive player,good running backs arent given the ball 8 times a game..they are gven the ball 20-25 times....
We ALMOST won because of bad play calling..
How many times do they have to throw that stupid 2 yard dump off pass inta traffic before they realize it doesnt work????

todd. wake up man.

get this part of my post through your head

lumsden has run every game but the last
shouldnt we be 5-1 then? cause lumsden got the ball every other game?
i mean hes the best player. when he runs we win, right? cause were 5-1 right?
he certainly didnt get us close to winning any other games. reminds me. how many offensive td's did lumsden have in games 1-2-3-4?

sometimes you need to view the grey not the white and black

white-black: win loss, we lose, blame coaches. we win hooray lumsden

grey: we came closer to winning that game than any of our other 4 losses this year and we still played poor. i know we can win, so do you. but giving the ball to your crush doesnt mean were going to win

if you want proof look at the first 4 games.
lumsden isnt the entire offence.

the entire team wins games and loses games. even jessie had a hand in losing that one last night.

and i'd rather have a 19-17 ballgame with a close ending than a 52-0 smokeout. at least we scored points, moved the ball, worked our defence, used more than 1 player offensively, and created many opportunities

Ok im not saying Lumsden is our whole offence,,but he is a big part of it!!!!
When yournot giving the ball to your best player your not helping yourself any..
Edmonton has the worst run D in the league,and we only give the ball to Lumsden only 8 times..come on whos call was that..
If you play a team with a weak C.B. you throw against him all day long,evantually you will beat him..
You pick on a teams weaknesses,and thats the running game against Edmonton..
I guarantee if Lumsden got the ball more,and broke for a few good yards,Edmonton would have stopped blitzing and Maas would of had more time to throw.
Even in the games before this I believe Lumsden is only averaging 10-12 carries a game,thats way to low for a great running back..
Most running backs will tell you they dont get going until they have had the ball atleast 12 times...

i personally dont know any running backs to ask. so i'll skip that part

im not saying at all todd i disagree with you that lumsden is one of if not the best player on the team

parts to remember as a coach though
a.j gass just got off a suspension and is remarkably fired up at the mid lb possition.
lumsden did run early but got stopped.

and that weakness last night wasnt the run but the man covering bauman. he got beat numerous times. unfortunatly bauman was part of OUR weakness.

overall the eskimos did great against the run last night. they played one of their best games this season to win by 2 to a half-assed ti-cat offence.

we know we can win. we just need a fair mix in the offence.
the only way to get it is to make sure we have a passing game. last night was just that. establish the passing game.

WE ALL KNOW- the running game is great
we can either run run run and win and kill poor jessie.. or establish a throwing game to add to next games playbook.

before last night the onlyu ti-cat to do anything as a reciver (besides lumsden catching the ball) is brock ralph.

So are you saying giving the best running back in the league the ball 10-12 times a game effective...???
All the years ive been watching football ive never seen a good running back given the ball so little...
I f he receives that ball atlest 20-25 times a game,you will see the passing game open up...mark my words,if I am wrong I will eat

No..we ALMOST make the playoffs...and by extension..ALMOST got to the Grey Cup

funny cause charlie had pringle and haskins in montreal and ran the ball fine. all a sudden has he gone crazy?. i think he knows what jesse can do. the problem is this offence has to discover a balance especially when defences key on lumsden.when we gets this balance jesse can be used a lot more and wear down defences, but i do agree i'd like to see jesse with more touches, but the edm game they were stacking the holes across the line. would have like to see more hot routes and screens in that case,maybe run the odd draw play on 2nd down and fool them.

The O-line couldn't block a bunch of lethargic 3-year-olds. How the heck do you expect them to open any holes for Lumsden?

RobSec7, you should get a hero badge for 'Patience.'

Todd King..have you ever heard the term 'filling the gaps'?

It has to do with jamming up the line of scrimmage.

One of the reasons Defences do this is to stop the run.

Your O-linemen usually have 2 D-linemen to block.

It soon became obvious our O-line
wasn't up to the task this game.

That is why Charlie didn't keep running
straight into it 20 or 25 times this game.

Joffrey Reynolds had 9 carries against the Eskimos two weeks ago and he ran for 1500+ yards last year.

  • paul

ps. The Stamps won the game.

pps. I love Jesse, but lets hold off on the "greatest running back who ever lived" talk!


I think you guys could have used Lumsden more effectively against Edmonton. Yes their D-line was getting great penetration at the line of scrimmage, which is on your O-line, but there were ways to adapt without abandoning the running game completely. A double-back formation with Lumsden and Holmes might have been a tendency-breaker for the Eskimos who wouldn't have been able to key in on one back. Run that a few times and now you have that defense starting to back off, and when they back off, you go back to the run up the middle hard, or you air the ball out.

After our usual Monday morning meeting and discussion re: TigerCats my co-workers have come up with the following......Let Maas call his own plays!!! Will do better than the O.C...

Not so sure about that right now. Coach Taaffe is adamant that the coaches will be calling the plays. Jason always has the option of an audible at the LOS. I would, however, like to see Maas run a no-huddle offence after the 3-minute warnings. This may come with a better understanding of the playbook and offensive schemes by the players. Kinda hard to do when you're rebuilding a team from the ground up...

many good points have come up recently. i like sigs take on the playbook and re-building the team. but as your guarenteed starting qb you need to memorize without a glitch the playbook. i do have that confidence to see maas taking more control over the next few games.

todd: its a hit and miss game when dealing with running backs.
i.e troy davis
we called his number 15-30 times a game.
and thats about how many yards the former heisman winner would get a game. but he was built to get small gains through small holes. hit the hole and lean forward for the extra 1 or 2 yards

lumsden is built the opposite. a train. a train getting stopped just outfront of the station does nothing at all. get the train moving he'll run over half the team before he stops.
i think we should take an opposite approach to it. instead of using the running game to open our passing game. throw a ton then run a few.
we've seen lumsden get multiple 60+ yard carries. we know giving him the ball at the right time is more effective than the long bomb to (dare i say it) bauman. so lets free his paths up a bit. pass pass pass until they show inside blitz then toss er outside

RS7, I wasn't slighting Maas for not knowing the play book. I was slighting the entire offence. With a rotating cast of characters (especially on the O-line), becoming a cohesive unit takes time. Maas also has to gain confidence in his receivers. That has already started (by the results of the past two games).