Play Calling...

Why isnt this offence built around Lumsden...I believe he had 2 carries in the 1st half...He should be getting that ball 20-25 times a game.....

Because he was stuffed the D was stacking the line. But ya they should have found other ways to get him the ball, with screens and stuff.

No, he had more. He was used as a decoy on the frst series, and we moved the ball, but Setta missed. Then we had only two other plays in the first quarter coming off of our own goalline where he was stuffed.

He was the spark in the offence that led to our score before the half though. He had five carries for eight yards at the half I believe. If they had stayed with that, everyone would be criticizing that decision.

Lumsden had 8 carries in the game,THAT IS A JOKE.....If thats how were gonna use him why dont we trade him and get a running back thats a little cheaper...
Bad play calling is costing us games,,,,Lumsden should see that ball 20-25 time a game.....

the lumsden 8 run thing:

if you build a team with 45 runs a game and 10 pases 4 of which are complete you may as well play highschool teams. this team has an excellent offence that needs to find a groove. running the ball all the time is basically saying . "we give up" may as well get 11 heavies and lumsden.

get someone cheaper? thats harsh you give him the ball 8 times 1 game and say trade him? how about we get all 21 year old rookies and try to win a game? cause they'd play for free.

the only criticism i have at all over the edmonton game is in the 4th we had 2nd and 10 after an incompletion and we throw a centre screen half a second after the balls snapped(for 4 yards). unless the eskies sent pretty much everyone this play needs more time to develop. throwing for 4 yards on 2nd and 10 isnt smart anyways. by throwing it that quick we leave their db's in an awfully good spot to give us a 3rd and 6 situation. quick hits should be on short situations or on an outside run with the middle db's left clogging the middle and only a few to beat for extra yards.

but stop making 2 yard passes on 2nd and 10 unless you get some recievers and slots who will get their hands dirty and block like it meant something

A team with a good running back like we have runs the ball 20-25 times a game...
All im saying is if thats how were gonna use Lumsden whats the use of having a great running back..
Thats like having a great Receiver Like Milt Steagle and throwing the ball to him 3 times a game...
I still cant believe they handed off to Lumsden 8 times,,,thats a joke..

todd- i understand you. believe me i do. but what you're looking for is a simplicity. a pattern.. we have a lumsden we should run him more.
but here are reasons why you wouldn't

the only offensive production we've had thats noticable this year is lumsden. coming into the game the eskies were gunning for him. they (like you) figured he'd get the ball 25 times maybe more. so by giving it to him rarely you throw off the eskies defence

you dont blitz on a run. so if you make the D think you're running alot. they'll blitz less that game giving moss more time in the backfield to complete some passes

if you play solely on patterns youre team is already beat.
run on 1st and 10 up the middle.
2nd and 4-5-6 you throw a tight close pass for the first.

do it over and over you'll gain 6 yards a game and they'll all be lumsden

i understand you're thinking. but understand the defence, and all the angles to play. not just the fan side of we have lumsden, lets use him.

But--we lost and we didn't use our best weapon!
Understand football from the other side as well....look at the number of carries other coaches give their tailbacks. Lumsden gets the fewest. He has been the best, yet the least used.
Other coaches disagree with you and Charlie--not just fans.

so play like a textbook team and see where it gets us.

we didnt lose that game by much. it was closer than any other game this year. and showed great depth in our recievers.

if we won that game. if that long bomb wasnt carelessly dropped. or the flag came up for the pass interferance and we won. we would have won giving our best weapon very few carries and that shows way more confidence in your team aswell as gives other teams something to be afraid of other than just the run game.


Every game we play this year the other team will focus in on Lumsden...
You dont have to play patterns,just get your best player the ball..8 times is a joke..
When you run the ball that will open up your pass game,then you work the ball back and forth confusing the hell out of the D....

How about trying him on a deep route. If a linebacker has him man-to-man, it's 7 points.And don't tell me he's not fast enough to get down field!

how many yards did lumsden have on those 8 carries?

how many times did brock raplh get the ball?

corey holmes?

we have a complete team. regardless of our "best weapon" (who was in pain all game btw) if you put all your faith into 1 player you have no team.

plain and simpley put : we need to win games. we've proven we can do it with lumsden. why not prove we can do it without him.

as for the defence.. the eskimos have a great defence. gaas plays the run perfectly.

as for patterns and gimics. if we run on first. we have to run on 2nd unless there was a no gain factor. which is where lumsden picks up all his carries and yards
if you pass on first for less than 3 you're passing again. if its a dropped pass you're passing again. im confident if we had more balls thrown at the 6 or 7 yard marks we would have seen alot more runs.

We have to stop justifying calls our coach and Qb are making. They are obviously not working.We are 1-6. Anyone in their right mind knows that you use your star players. If you can't figure out a way to use them effectively you are basically getting out coached. The Cats are getting outcoached on a regular basis both offensively and defensively. We can't figure out how to use Holmes. We can't get the ball to our best player enough either through the air or on the ground. We wait too long to try a new quarterback or even better, despite the fact we are 1-6 we don't even bother to try a new quarterback.
Lumsden will be gone from this team faster than you can shake a stick, and quite frankly the way we are using him, I wouldn't blame him for a second.
If Corey Holmes were on any other team he would be a star and be killing us every time we played against him just like Peterson did last night.

Listen to RobSec7 he's right
What he says pretty much sums up the question.

Cats could have won that game
Lumsden played well. He blocked, he ran the ball, he caught the ball. Even if it doesn't say on the score sheet Lumsden had a large part in the offence.

Being used as a decoy is almost as effective as running the ball, the defence is following you. If Lumsden attracts 2 or more players that means there are players uncovered and getting them the ball will result in gains.

If you were not the quality of tailback as Lumsden teams wouldn't pay as much attention to him.
Oppositition teams know they can be badly burned by him

Jesse Lumsden is an outstanding back

Well said.

coming into this weeks games. lumsden was 1st overall in rushing yards.
a 1 and 5 team at the time.
doesnt that prove at all that even using him we've still lost?!?!?!?! give me a break.

holmes has done nothing. either he doesnt want to play or hes just not playing but why pay a man to do nothing.

as for being outcoached.. i wouldnt go that far. they took a brand new team and tried to win games. its like playing craps for the first time. if you have no clue whats going on or how to even start to win at it. you'll wind up bankrupt before you begin to get the hang of it
so we lose the first couple and then we've improved. last night could have easily been a win.

i'd love to see holmes go. id rather have a rookie who wants to play rather then dr.catchballstandstill

Maybe it proves we haven't used him enough!! Check his carries and compare to the other backs in the league.

so back to my origional request.
why dont we get 10 of the fattest goofs we can to block, get duane forde to lead block for lumsden we can run every play. we dont even need a qb. get rid of mass and the whole reciving core.

Exactly TommyBoy. They guy is not being used, how can he get into the game. The same thing was said about Terry Vaugn, Flick, Peterson. Flick and Peterson seem to be doing just fine now.
You have to be in the game to play well. You cna't just get thrown in for the odd play and be expected to do well. The same can be said for Chang. He gets in for 2 or 3 plays and doensn't perform well. hell Maas has been in all season and hasn't performed well but that seems to be ok...
Let's give him another chance