Play calling vs the OC

At times I think some fans don't draw a distinction between play calling
and offensive play book and offensive design.

The OC job is to design the offensive philosophy and the play book. That book has dozens, hundreds of plays drawn out . Players must learn the playbook. It will be broken into runs, passes, red zone , mid range and stuck in your own zone plays.

The play caller will communicate the play to the QB. Generally the HC, if he is not the play caller, will dictate whether he wants a run or a passplay hence this run vs pass coordinator role that has shown up.

Before the game the OC, HC, QB, and the play caller will choose the package of plays they want in for the coming week.

Often the HC will be the one communicating the chosen play. Sometimes it is the OC. At times it maybe another coach. But more often or not the OC will be telling the HC and the play caller what he is seeing. The HC and OC will overhear the call.

So it is best to know the difference. The playbook and system may be vibrant but the play calling is dull. Bill Parcells, Don Mathews, Hugh Campbell were great play callers who did not create their book. Huff is the best play caller I have ever seen . The boring old 3 run up the middle is a play that everyone has but not everyone calls it creatively.

And all plays look bad if not executed well.

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Just in a side note, the teams that have head coaches that also have coordinator duties to worry about are doing terrible so far.

I feel like that is pretty common where a coach wearing too many hats is good at some but not great at one particular thing. It's kinda like having a kicker who is also a punter....might be great at kicking but so so at punts.
Having lived through a head coach that was also gm I will say it's something I never want to see again.

Personally I prefer the HC to call the plays. I do remember Jon Gruden saying he will always call the plays. He says if it is an OC he will be moving on and Gruden wanted the play calling to stay put. Makes sense . I think combining the HC and play calling is the most successful combo in the CFL. Buck Pierce does a great job as OC and play calling in Winnipeg however. Boy is he ever a HC in waiting hey?

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Agreed, on both accounts.
Have always hated that far too many teams have employed one person to handle both kicking and punting when it’s been clearly showed that so few can do both well.
The coaching side of things is even more puzzling. Again, it’s been a proven loser time and time again but yet again this season we see coaches wearing multiple hats with somewhat predictable crappy results.

Yes, were I to be running a team, Buck Pierce would be my first choice. Well ahead of Jason Maas, for example.

oh yeah me too although Maas could be a great HC if he has his anger under control. Personally I think he just was trying to0 hard , in his 'home" town in Edmonton and in his dream job. He's a football junkie with a wealth of knowledge.
But Buck will get his chance.

Looks like Calvillo will be calling the plays for Montreal going forward. Will be fun to see if he can bring some of the success he had as a QB to the current Als offense.

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Yeah after 25 years if he is not ready do this now he never will be,

He was the QB of the last perennial powerhouse East team. I'm hoping he can bring some of that back to the Als, as it'd be good for parity.

Well if they would just stay out of their own way they might be good this year too.

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I love AC he is one of those QB's you just feared when you played because he was ridiculously good. I just am not holding my breath for him to become the next great coach of the CFL. He has had multiple opportunities coaching and seems to be bouncing around a lot already. Whether this is him not being a good fit with another HC's coaching style, or just not being that good of a coach is the question.
I really do hope he does well and turns the Al's around and makes himself a successful coaching career as he has earned the chance.

In my view he has had plenty of opps and is a terrible coach. I don't think he really wants to be a coach.

I dunno I have seen him talk to the press and he just looks plain uncomfortable, but maybe that is just his personality?
I mean not everyone needs to be wearing sunglasses all the time and growling at reporters but yeah I can see your point about him not wanting to coach.

Hell I've never even see him engage a player. Just his Ipad. Same way as a player imo. No real demonstrated interest in others.

Well - even with Don Mathews and Cal Murphy as coordinators Hugh Campbell did the play calling.
Play calling for the offence is taking advantage of the defensive schemes. I sort thing Calvillo might have some experience there...

Yeah and about feel and about rhythm to0. I see it as an art form almost.