Play calling sucks far

We started the game with a gift ...fumble by Montreal and we run twice for nothing?? Still trying to get the running game going, wasting down after down...I dont get it

I don't think you guys have ONE first down. Incredible, they don't even belong in the same league,

Wpg isn't mentally in it. They know next week is the big game. Winning in MTL is a tough order to begin with. Get Bishop out of there and keep him for next week. This one is done. This ass kicking is good for us, it will refocus the team and crush any over confidence that may have been growing with in the team.

What happened last week ?

Better hope the Als pull Calvillo at the half too, otherwise this will get really ugly. Bomber's D is fried already.

Last week your team played the B squad at home. You telling me they are purposely not moving the chains ? Face it man they suck. Gonna be a really sad bunch at the "Bluewout" party next week :wink:

32 yards of offense in a half. Last time I saw that was attending a mites game

Als should lend the Bombers some players, at least make it a game for the folks

Don't make excuses, I know that's acceptable as a ALS fan, but not here.
Hope the ALS don't choke in the playoffs again ! Mtl looks good when nothing is on the line, but when it really counts they can't handle the pressure ! 1 - 5

Back to ordering fast food through drivethrough windows :cowboy:

.......WE BETTER HAVE A BETTER SECOND HALF.....cuz this does not look like a play-off team to me.....Let's be honest....Bishop is crap today.....if he plays like that next's adios 09....To be fair to Bishop, he's not the only one playing like 'poop'....The d is not ready to play this game.....looks like they are tackling to prevent injury and can't seem to stay on-side didn't expect that kind of effort (really bad) cuz next week is playoff time....It's a must-win next week....Could be all she wrote guys.... :oops: :oops: Might as well have a look at the back-up qbs. in this one.. :roll:

Well all I know is that today the team playing for pride is feeding boogers to your team and they like the taste :cowboy:

Milt Steagle agreed with me on Bombers running twice after the Montreal fumble. They decided to come out running?? I got news for Bombers you are not a running team, all you do is put your QB in 2nd and long.

Dont bale on your team just because they are down, that really really sucks.

That Fred Reid guy with the big mouth, he's not helping much...

Yay ! They Score !

Who's shorter ? Serna or Westwood

Bramlet needs the reps, should go in . It wouldn't hurt for Bishop to watch from the sidelines . Check that, maybe keep Bishop in there, may be heating up. LOL

I want to see Santos

Who's more of a choker Calvillo or Jim Kelly ?

Looks like you guys could use Jim Kelly :lol:
Might want to sign his wife too, she can help you guys with punting.

Must be a new punting technique Westwood is working on.