play calling by coaches

the playcalling has got to change in order to win u can tell the ticats are not the best team in the league but we are still trying to run short patters and be careful with the offence but u got to do some exciting things for the fans like a reverse a flee flicker or something go deep more than once a game u got to take the risk sometime they got to do something different so they can win and so the fans can have something better to watch than 2 and out...


they keep doing these small 5 yard passes sometimes less

and i keep noticing that even on 2nd down we are throwing these short little passes even when its 2nd and 10

Those passes are often being made to checkdowns because the guys running deeper passes AREN'T getting open.

I think if you asked those in the know, you would get that answer. The balls in those 2nd and 10s are not leaving the QB's hand fast enough to indicate the guys getting the ball are the primary receivers!

Oski Wee Wee,

ya u got to gamble sometime or nothing will hapen it will be the same kida game time after time just one td please...

they need to at least throw to wear they need to get the ball on 2nd downs

I can't confirm if this is true or not, but I heard Mike Working was wandering in the locker room when he spotted a pamphlet which was lining the bottom of Ryan Donnelly's locker. He pulled said pamphlet from the bottom of the locker, blew off some dust from the cover, and was surprised to read the title: "2005 Official Hamilton Tiger-Cats Playbook" by Jamie Baressi. After reading the pamphlet for several minutes, he exclaimed to anybody in the nearby vicinity, "Dang! this is some great stuff. Better than anything I can dream up". He proceeded to make some copies for the quarterbacks and told them, "Never mind what we were doing in training camp, this is the way we are going to go".

Play calling was fine.

Execution was the problem.

Toronto is noted for its excellent defence. They do not give up the long ball.

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The problem was we were unable to establish the run. The 3-4 Defense that Toronto uses gives up yards on the ground. If we can get Lumsden and Holmes running the ball it allows the passing game to open up because they need more defenders to stop the run. But you can't just come out and start throwing 5 yard passes against them because their Dbacks keep everything in front of them once the pass is thrown they come up and make the tackle. The offence we are running is meant to get the ball the recievers quickly and allow them to run with it. At some point we must throw the ball down field who knows maybe we can get a PI penalty perhaps that would jump start the offence?

What "James T." said.

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