Play calling at the end of the Grey Cup game

I thought both teams made poor decisions in the last minute, which could have cost either team the game.

Arblows second and four, in FG range with less than a minute left - decided to pass, incomplete, stopped the clock, left Calgary 43 seconds to come back. A run play could have wasted an extra 20 seconds, left only 23 seconds on the clock (Calgary has use their time-out)

Calgary QB's decision to throw into double coverage on the final drive, when the team was well in range of the tying field goal - the league's supposed top QB blew the Grey Cup game for the second year in a row.

BLM isn't the league's top QB, Mike Reilly is. Although, one might argue that Ricky Ray should inherit that title.

BLM has a big ego got what he deserved. humble and humility. the receiver throwing a player under the bus has to live with that for the rest of his life I went to work and brought grey cup doughnuts and have been going to cats games for 25 years season tickets for 14 ( of course renewing)...... a guys at works daughter plays for the argos...... he didn't bring doughnut ( no comment) the guy that plays for the argos said he would love to play with the cats..... as simoni said this is as good as it gets.

what hurts the most is Shane Bergman 6'7 335 lbs farm boy from teeterville ON a Norfolk county boy like me only has one grey cup ring 3 chances ( beat our cats) going to buy his Jersey and get him to sign it frame it after career is over and goes in the man cave. Got up and went to work but my heart bleeds for the Stamps.... happy for the argos, cant believe I'm saying this lol

This is what the CFL is about bringing a country together, why mess up a good thing?

I thought the Argos could have taken more time off the clock before the last field goal. Maybe they were driving for the TD but running the clock down and kicking is just as good. I had no doubt Bo Levi Mitchell could get downfield in a hurry. His throw into double coverage was just trying to be a hero - maybe his receiver makes the play, but it's a bad choice with the game on the line. He must be so butthurt giving up MOP honours to Mike Reilly, maybe he thought he'd get Grey Cup MVP if his TD pass won the game. If they had kicked a field goal and went to overtime, I'm positive the Stamps would have come out with the win.

Positive, you say?

You may also have been positive the Stamps had it wrapped up with under six minutes left, up by 8 points, and driving deep into the Argos’ end.

There are no guarantees. And don’t forget that one team had the momentum and the other team had a head coach who seems to lose any play calling talents in the final minutes of Grey Cup games.

I think Stamps were scared to go into overtime and having history repeat!

Stamps were in overtime mode when they took a chance to win the game.
If they miss ,they easily could tie the game with a field goal .

But they still ended the game with a their fear was realized anyway...and history DID repeat itself...

I guess we'll never know !! Couldn't have happened to a more Arrogant Bunch

Hind site is twenty twenty. Cardinal rule do football is protect the ball.