Duane Ford and his idiot partner calling play by play did little last night but kiss Argos ass and #hit on the Ticats. To top it all off at the end of the game when Glenn ran it in for a touchdown, I think it was Duane Ford said " hang on folks the TiCats have already missed a single tonight " like its something we only get one out of three tries. Couldn't just let us enjoy the fact that we had just come back to tie the game!!
And then he looked stupid cause right away he says something like " now the Argos have lots of time (25secs) to get down and kick a 60 yd field goal and right after he said that Picket handed the ball off for a very short gain. I am dissappointed in the Cats but lets not pretend the universe revolves around Toronto every game!!!!!

The universe revolves around Toronto for everything, all we can do is sit and bask in their total amazingness and hope that one day we can be as good as them :roll:

Black and Forde also completely missed the fact that the Ticats lined up twice in the Wildcat formation. The second time they never ran the play because of a procedure penalty, but maybe an analyst that's paying attention might point out that the penalty might have been caused by having a running back calling the snap count.

The TSN Play by Play calling of last nights game between Hamilton and Toronto was terrible to say the least, very bias against the Cats, Black mentioned that Toronto can overcome everything with a win tonight.

Fact is they only have three wins and two have been against the Cats and one against Winnipeg and lost all others to very respectable teams like Montreal, Calgary so on, I would call it like it is Rod and say with a win tonight by the Argo's Toronto once again has a firm grip on last place in the East, at least the comment would be right.

Black make's it sound like Toronto is on their way to the top of the CFL east with a win, he said well now the monkey is off Bart Andrus's back and Cody Picket demonstrated his first win. Actually Cody Picket is no more experienced by last nights performance, in their next game I'm sure Cody Picket will get blown out and Andrus will be back in a situation with a monkey on his back again what will Rod say than??

Also, the early game coverage, of Duane Forde's microphone being off while the camera is on and watching the field in dead silence for a few minutes was a total demonstration of in-experienced TV broadcasting, I have seen better video on you tube. This is supposed to be Canada's Sports Leader TSN in HD that has the rights to all CFL games and it looked like a second rate cable broadcast of a flag football game, what a joke.


Why do you guys subject yourselves to
those nasty TO-biased TV commentators.

[insert 'anti-hamilton-biased commentators'
when the Cats are playing any other team.]

Turn the sound off on your TV, folks

Turn on our Hamilton radio station 900CHML
[ or their FM sister station ]

and listen to John Salvantis doing colour commentary.

He does an excellent job and is a Hamilton 'homer' to boot!

8) Right Ron, just listen to Coach Sal !!!
 Try and tune out Zamparin and his, "Touchdown, Touchdown Cats"  line !!!

  If I hear that same line one more time, I will go crazy !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   Really, he has to stop, with that same line repeatedly  !!!!     <!-- s:x -->:x<!-- s:x --> 

   It's becoming nausasus !!!

Not surprising at all. Bob Bratina has been around CFL football for 40 years and never missed the calls that these guys do. He's not a former player with friends at TSN and he's not held on a pedistool like Rod Black because he's the only Olympic figure skating analyst in the country. As nice a guy as Zamperin is, he leaves much to be desired in his high pitched intonoation. He would do much better as a beat reporter. Bratina had the highest rated radio show in Canada at CFRB and it's time we brough him back to the CFL or at the very least, Ticat radio broadcasts.

8) Well, I doubt Bratina had the highest rated show in Canada, at CFRB, because if he did, they wouldn't have let him go, to begin with !!!
Don't try and tell us that his ratings were higher than Wally Crouter and Ted Woloshyn's ever were !!

You do know, I presume that Bratina is back on CHML, on the morning show, for years now  ??

Sad to say, that CHML is only a shadow of a station, from what is was in the old days !!!

CHML has never been able to replace the late, great Perc Allen as play by play man of the TiCats !!!!

By the way "synthcat", is that you, Bob !! <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Well Tippy, only Brattina would be so lucky to have myself as his imposter. lol
I've been a CFRB listener since the days of Wally and "Police head quoooorters!" Let me clarify, CFRB was the top rated radio station in Canada at the time they lured Brattina away from CHAM and his hometown Tiger-Cats to broadcast A*#@ games. I thought he was great doing Cats' games for 9 years, and I remember listening to his CFRB broadcasts even as hometown guy, he covered Cats/A#%# games withouth obvious bias..... able to cover that game as it should be, play by play..... and with educated/interesting insight and a great voice, unlike much of what we get from TSN/CHML hires nowadays. Yes Tipster, I'm aware Brattina has a morning show on CHML... and why they have Zamperin doing play by play is beyond me.

i think the broadcasts would interfere with bob's city council work. i have pretty well not listened to chml broadcasts since they replaced bob hooper. rick's call of center line,flag in the air and touchdown,touchdown cats drive me crazy too

Hilarious line in the Als-Lions game. One of the crew says,"The Alouettes often used to be known as the Larks. that's why there's a wing on their retro helmets."

Hmmm.... wonder what Alouette means in English???? :wink: