Play by play, colour, analyst...your all-time favourites?

Just wanted a non covid, non political topic. I’ve ranted myself into exhaustion...
Anyhow my picks cover four decades and three networks.

  1. Play by play; Don Chevrier CTV, CBC
    2.Colour; Leo Cahill, CBC
    3.Analist; Matt Dunnigan, TSN.

GOATS = Ron and Don.

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Always liked Mike Wadsworth and Frank Rigney with CTV. Rigney I think did the pbp, Wadsworth was colour.

Ron Lancaster was also very good with CBC. Don Chevrier wasn’t bad, a little on the mellow side though.

For TSN I liked Chris Cuthbert on play by play. Also like Duane Forde.

Play By Play -Pat Marsden CTV

Colour - Leif Petterson - CTV - TSN

Analyst - Matt Dunigan TSN


Good picks. I forgot about Pat Marsden.

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I think you’ve responded to all of my topics, regardless of their simplicity or frivolity.
Appreciate that. Thanx. I

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You could tell me your favorite commentator capt. Obvious.

well, obviously it has to be none other that Ron Lancaster :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

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It's a good topic . Chevrier CBC would be my second choice . He had a smooth delivery but I enjoyed him more for his baseball voice for the Jays .

I also liked Lapolice for an analyst with his brief TSN stay .

His breakdowns of schemes when they went to him in the studio were well done .

I like the best of or top 10 lists .

Wes McNight Argos CFRB PBP

Lancaster and Cahill for colour