Play by Play and the yawning experience of TSN

Wow, T.O. vs B.C. play of the game was the non call interference by B.C. db #6 slap to the head then knock the ball down. To which Marshal Ferguson gives a subtle hm. Is it me or does he sound as interesting as listening to your grass grow?

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Marsh just echoing the fan experience!

You must watch the NFL. TSN is in love with that league and doing its best to kill the CFL. Spends more money on talking heads than on improving camera work and therefore the audience experience.


But the minute they regain the NHL National package, watch for improvements in camera work and audience experience.

Marshall Ferguson is the most prepared and most professional of all of the TSN crew. He knows what he's talking about. He may not get the most excited like Dustin Neilson but he's by far the most knowledgeable about what he's talking about.


I’m a big fan of MF. He or Rod Black along with Dunnigan are my favourite combos.


Marshal Ferguson is great. my only complaint is that he doesn’t do many west games. but i like Dustin Nielson too. i definitely don’t always agree with MF’s weekly QB analysis tho.

Too bad the west divisions couldn’t trade Neilson east for Ferguson. Ferguson’s calm laid back approach would be much easier to listen to than Motormouth. I swear sometimes Neilson’s brain is blood-starved because his mouth is sucking up too much.

The truth is I think the commentators are doing the best job they can to keep the fans eyes off the emptiness of stands and trying to make the game on the field is exciting as possible.


i like Nielsen’s excitement though. sometimes Ferguson lulls me to sleep. i just think they are stylistically different and i like both for different reasons. i think i may even like Farhan better than both of them.

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Maybe it’s my upbringing (Swedish American in a very Nordic influenced state) but Neilson and people like him just don’t register as a positive phenomenon. Canadian football is very exciting and entertaining on its own and doesn’t need a bullhorn like him to hype it.

One particularly irritating habit he exhibits is his use of several zero-information exclamations which he uses as filler to keep his mouth running while his brain catches up; “OH BABY!” “COME AWN!” “GET OUTA HERE!” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” He once used all four of these in succession on one play before he could think of anything informative to say. He doesn’t add anything to the game, he is a distraction. While Montreal’s air horns can be irritating. they are easier to take than Dundermouth Neilson.

generally speaking, calling them names doesn’t make your argument any better, just more like angry posting.

Wow, That’s a tough assessment. Pretty harsh. I for one feel Neilson brings excitment and entertainment that makes me want to watch. Marshall sounds to me like he’s calling university ball.

We definitely have different tastes on this subject. "Dusty doesn’t “entertain” me at all. He is more of a distraction than an enhancement to my enjoyment of the game. That’s just the way things are. It doesn’t mean either of us is a bad person, we just have different preferences.

Your comments were a little more caustic than mine. :scream:

That’s true. It is a reflection of my dislike for play-by-play of that kind. If I only had to put up with “Dusty” two or three times a season he probably wouldn’t bother me so much, but he works waaaaay too many Bomber games.

All I can say on this topic is, not long ago I was praying for TSN to get rid of Rod Black. Now having seen Rod Smith in that seat, I'm praying for Black's return. Half the time Smith doesn't even know what teams are playing.

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