Play Armchair GM: Ticat O Edition

On O, we still haven’t re-signed some key players at QB (Masoli, Watford), RB (Bennett, Irons, Thomas Ellington), R (Acklin, Dunbar, Ungerer) and OL (Ciraco, Gibbon, Okafor).

Below is a list of players who I think are the top free agents from other teams at those positions. Do you think that the Ticat GM braintrust have their sights set on any of these players, to replace any of our currently unsigned, key offensive free agents at QB, RB, R or OL (because Ticat management think the player who played on another team last year would be an upgrade at that position?).

Top Free Agent QB’s From Other Teams…

-T. Harris (Ottawa)
-M. Nichols (Ottawa)
-Macbeth (Argos)
-I. Harker (Riders)

Top Free Agent RB’s From Other Teams…

-S. Moore (Als)
-A. Coombs (Ottawa)
-T. Flanders (Ottawa)
-P. Lavoie (Argos)
-J. White (Argos)
-J. Augustine (Bombers)
-A. Harris (Bombers)
-A. Dupuis (Riders)
-K. Lafrance (Riders)
-W. Powell (Riders)
-D. Carey (Stamps)
-A. Milanovic-Litre (Stamps)
-C. Rainey (BC)

Top Free Agent Receivers From Other Teams…

-B.J. Cunningham (Als)
-J. Wieneke (Als)
-R.J. Harris (Ottawa)
-D. Petermann (Ottawa)
-K. Stafford (Ottawa)
-J. Brescacin (Argos)
-R. Collins (Argos)
-J. Huff (Argos)
-L. Noel (Argos)
-R. Bailey (Bombers)
-J. Grant (Bombers)
-K. Lawlor (Bombers)
-D. Wolitarsky (Bombers)
-M. Picton (Riders)
-D. Williams (Riders)
-J. Williams-Lambert (Riders)
-M. Ambles (Stamps)
-H. Malala (Stamps)
-G. Ellington (Elks)
-D. Walker (Elks)
-J. Cottoy (BC)
-S. Johnson (BC)
-D. Posey (BC)

Top Free Agent OL’s From Other Teams…

-M. Gerard (Als)
-A. Fontana (Ottawa)
-M. Korte (Ottawa)
N. Macmillan (Ottawa)
-C. Speller (Argos)
-M. Couture (Bombers)
-E. Tavita (Bombers)
-J. St. John (Riders)
-B. Boykin (Riders)
-J. Lawrence (Stamps)
-Z. Williams (Stamps)
-M. O’Donnell (Elks)
-P. Godber (BC)
-H. Steward (BC)
-J. Figueroa (BC)
-R. Matthews (BC)

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I don't see any of those QB's as a TiCat.
I would be happy to start Dane and develop who we have in camp. That is how Dane came to be the starter he is.

A RB would have to complement the style of our newly re-signed star Don Jackson.
I liked what I saw from Augustine in his limited time playing in Winnipeg. May come at a reasonable price but I'm confident his current team would like to keep him too. William Powell would be great but not likely. Coombs makes the odd big play and he is versatile.

I can see upgrades to our receiving corps.
Brescacin, Lawlor, Derrel, Cottoy.

I would like to see Ryker come back to Hamilton. I think we can develop our other TiCat FA's into good starting players. Consistency with the team will help.

Petermann at a hometown discount would look good to me

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I'll play .

In the QB category pardon the pun but I'll pass on all of them . Not interested .

In the RB category I will select the following...

Johnny Augustine Winnipeg

In the Receivers category I will select the following...

Jake Wieneke (Montreal)
Daniel Petermann (Ottawa)
Rashad Bailey (Winnipeg )
Drew Wolitarsky (Winnipeg)
Jevon Cottoy (BC)

In the all important OL category I will select the following...

Mark Korte (Ottawa)
Mike Couture (Winnipeg)
Matt O'Donnell (Edmonton)
Joel Figueroa (BC)
Ryker Mathews (BC)
Chris Schlueger ( Montreal ) * not listed *

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I think that's a pretty good list bobo, I wouldn't change a thing.

I think the Atlantic Schooners should hire you as the new GM.

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Augustine does have local ties being born in welland and Going to high school in st Catherine's.

It's funny how they list Augustine as being born in Welland when he was actually born in St Maarten in the Caribbean and grew up in Florida until he moved to Welland at the age of 17. He played high school football at Notre Dame in Welland, not St. Catharines.


I would try to sign Speller, who is a natural centre.

I think we're fine RB wise. Maybe draft a young kid to play behind Jackson and Irons (resign). If Bennett, is the right price, resign also.

Cottoy, is big bodied Fantuz type, who might be a lot faster.

QB, find a young guy. Not a fan of some of the veteran QBs on the list.

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Cfl did the same with lirim when listing Ontario as birth place , though lirim moved as a young child . Augustine must have connections or family in st Catherine's since I seen some posts tagged st Catherine's. I know a photographer from hamilton took his business headshot for his job outside of football

Agree some of the veteran qbs on the list aren't that great and ones arm is messed and he can barely throw now

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Irons as a back up RB is fine. Honestly, STE just doesn't have the breakaway speed or lateral moves.

Would like to see Cottoy here for the reasons you stated.

None of those veteran QB's are needed here. Develop from within. We have a good prospect in the system.

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