Play Armchair GM: Ticat D Edition

On D, we still haven’t re-signed some key players at DB (Brooks, Rolle, F. Williams), LB (Lawrence, Santos-Knox), and DL (J. Davis, Wynn, Laurent).

Below is a list of players who I think are the top free agents from other teams at those positions. Do you think that the Ticat GM braintrust have their sights set on any of these players, to replace any of our currently unsigned, key defensive free agents at DB, LB or DL? (because Ticat management think the player who played on another team last year would be an upgrade at that position?).

Top Free Agent DB’s From Other Teams…

-Winnipeg: Alexander
-Saskatchewan: Purifoy
-BC: Cioffi, Peters
-Montreal: Glass
-Ottawa: Pruneau

Top Free Agent LB’s From Other Teams…

-Toronto: Judge, Muamba
-Saskatchewan: Dean, Herdman-Reed, Lacey
-Calgary: Greenwood, Thurman
-Edmonton: Montcrief

Top Free Agent DL’s From Other Teams…

-Montreal: Menard, Usher, Wakefield
-Toronto: Law
-Winnipeg: Richardson
-Saskatchewan: M. Johnson
-Edmonton: Betts, Boateng
-BC: Bazzie, Tavai

I'll play .

I'll give you one player from each grouping that if I were the GM I would make a few phone calls and inquiries about .

DB - Tyquan Glass (Montreal)
LB - Derrick Moncrief (Edmonton)
DL - Steven Richardson (Winnipeg)


Interesting list, lots of talent there.

First off, I would say Kam Kelly is a better option at SAM lb than some of those names listed and is already under contract. To me that rules out guys like Cioffi, Purifoy, Judge, Moncrief. Judge I think is too small to replace Simoni and would more likely go back to Sask under Jones.

Adeleke and Katsantonis are a good pairing at safety, so no need to pursue Pruneau, Alexander. If we don’t sign Brooks then Peters and Alexander might be worth a look at halfback. Suppose Purifoy could also line up there and be able to cover SAM in case Kelly goes down.

Richardson would be a great pickup at dt. Micah Johnson also good but would command a larger salary and I would say is past his peak.

At mlb Dean might still have something left but would prefer Lacey or Jameer Thurman. Either way I think we’re ok with Santos-Knox, Thurman though I think is better and may be able to play outside also.

A Canadian de would be nice to have and pair with Mason Bennett. Betts hasn’t overly impressed me, would rather see Boateng here though he had an off year in 2021. Menard I think will resign with Als and Betts will probably join him. The only other de I would look at from that list is Cordarro Law but that would be a big step down from Ja’Gared imo.

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Boateng would be my pick to replace Laurent

The only problem is that Boateng plays outside as a DE .
So unless you were willing to convert him inside to Tackle and he was willing to perhaps put on an extra 20-25 lbs then maybe .

Replace him as Canadian not his position

Aah , OK .
That could possibly work then . It would also afford us the luxury of two quality young Canadian Ends in Boateng and Bennett .

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Not sold on Howsare. He has good games and then goes invisible.

It's interesting to note that apparently Howsare is signed for next season . I thought he was an eligible potential FA but his name is not on our list .

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Saw that too. He was originally on the free agent list from 3 down nation but I remember he signed for 2 years.

Thought for sure he was a free agent. He started off last season pretty slow but thought he improved quite a bit later in the year. Still I’m sold more on Mauldin but he has a hard time staying healthy so not sure they’ll bring him back.

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Maudlin has looked good but like you said just can’t stay healthy.

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Gotta agree about Mauldin . The guy has got a great motor and is an absolute beast on Specials . Alas though he does have a hard time staying healthy and has missed 15 games in his 2 years here .


He played a lot of special teams last year which might factor in. If they were to settle him in full time at de he may stay healthy.


Imagine talking about potential FAs and Jake Weinke not get mentioned.

Richardson's our first duel threat lineman. He's both quarterback crusher and walking appliance. Make sure your wiring can handle him. :grin:


That would be in the " Play Armchair GM: Ticat O Edition " .

Coming soon to a forum near you . Stay tuned for further details .

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Richardson is an absolute beast with arms like a grizzly. He could flush a QB out of the pocket just by growling.

Teddy Laurent had some lingering knee problems last year so he might be ready to retire. If the Cats do decide to move on from Teddy then they should go after Richardson. Him and Wynne would make a hell of an interior D-Line.

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Howsare's a keeper, as are the others on our DLine . If it ain't broke ........ .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


Well, it's generally a good policy to replace worn parts BEFORE they become broke.
I would love to see a healthy Ted Laurent back at DT. If we can re-sign Davis, and possibly find another bookend better than Howsare to complement him, our D-Line will be ferocious.

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