MLSE can reconcile with investing in a team (TFC) for a 4th rate soccer league (MLS) and pay $2.5 million to have Real Madrid come over for a friendly.

Why is the Rogers / MLSE initiative to bring up foreign NFL clubs to play against each other in Toronto? Why do people some people seem to want to pay 3 times as much for this?

Again MLSE was willing to pit TFC’s Dwayne De Rosario (salary $450,000ish) against Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo (salary $18.7 million). Why not a CFL team against an NFL team? I bet the result would be a hell of a lot closer.

Why is it then, that in the world of the financially well-endowed, there exists no one willing to make a Balsillie-esque investment in Canadian football? Does the CFL not have one multi-billionaire fan?

The league is awesome…its too awesome to be this under-appreciated and subject to such scrutiny. A number of things will pull it into the real mainstream of Canadiana and stand toe-to-toe with the NFL in the minds of all Canadian football followers without dispute.

  1. Video game… Educate youth as to the nuances of the game.

  2. Stadium redevelopment… while TFC lacks in national or even regional appeal (see TV ratings), they’ve nailed the in stadium environment by building an appropriate sized stadium to build demand. The psychological effect en mass of not being able to get a ticket to a given game drives the market value of said ticket skyward. Montreal is the only CFL team that can say they’ve managed this and that was by accident (U2 concert). Controlling all revenue streams is hugely important as well as having the latest in revenue generating amenities in a facility. The CFL needs 10 redeveloped facilities and only 1 is on the way.

  3. Expansion… 2 teams… enough threads on that.

  4. Play and NFL team in a home and home exhibition. Why can’t someone in Canada’s high rolling community make this happen? I know schedules, risk of injury and unions would pose a problem but please, if the NFL can have a month of pre-season games and controlled scrimmages preceded by several months of mini-camps, they can facilitate an exhibition match in Canada during our pre-season.

Play a home and home. The game in the US according to NFL rules and the game up here in accordance with CFL rules. Don’t worry about the quota and giv’er. I can almost guarantee any competitive CFL team would hold its own and probably beat any given American team at the Canadian game. If not, who cares? Lets have a go in the spirit of friendly competition.

This would do wonders for the image of the league and give it a new mass appeal amongst Canadians. CFL teams would be revered and respected by the Canadian public without dispute in much the same way the Canadian NHL clubs are.

I know some may point to the results of exhibitions played between American and Canadian clubs in the 60s were all but 1 game were won my NFL teams. This was however in an era with smaller rosters and less specialization. I believe in the modern era of specialization, the athletic requirements of the two leagues has diverged sufficiently enough that a CFL team would hold its own and likely win at its own game against any NFL club and with more certainty, vice-versa.

Any of these things would require a huge helping of football philanthropy. I know there are much more important causes out there but that doesn’t stop the Abramovich, Balsillies and Jerry Jones of the world from throwing cash at the fundamentally irrelevant things they love. Is there one for the CFL?

Leaving aside the whole "who's rules will we use" question, which is a biggie in and of itself, what would the NFL possibly have to gain by ever agreeing to such a thing?

For that matter, what team from either league would want any of its players to risk injury by taking part in something like this?

The NFL would have a lot more to lose than to win.

Agreed, absolutely nothing to gain for the No Funners.

The "who's rules do we use" question is simply answered.. in a home and home.. you use HOME rules..

NO. Can anybody smell re-hash.

...I'll get right on it...

It's about damned time you did something. :smiley:

Fans would love to see a CFL versus NFL game, but the NFL just doesn't allow games against non-NFL teams. Unfortunately, not even colleges. NBA seems inflexible too, but NHL is more flexible. However in European soccer, lower division teams often compete against upper teams in popular exhibition games.

There is absolutely no way that would work, especially business wise. The NFLPA would not allow it. The NFL would have way to much to lose.

And if they played NFL rules the CFL club would get killed, I'm guessing the NFL team would score well over 50 points and the CFL team would be lucky to score at all. If the CFL players were elite at the NFL game that is where they would be (example current touchdown leader and yards passing leader Henry Burris could not make it in the NFL).

The NFL would never go for this.

The UFL on the other hand...if it survives more than a season...that'd be fun. :slight_smile:

Nobody REALLY knows what would happen. People can speculate all they like, but they really don't know. They might think they do, but they don't. Those who think that every good player in the world plays in the NFL think it would be a 50 to 0 blowout. This is of course, ridiculous because they really don't know for sure that would happen. Nobody does.

The CFL is high quality professional ball. Why can't people just accept that? The CFL doesn't need to prove it's value by playing a meaningless game against an NFL team. There is no value in such a game for either league.

I read this thread and its like deja vu

Someone cue up the CFL Video Game Thread and the CFL Expansion into the USA Thread.