Plans To "Stick It Out"

Having just read Ken Peter's article I have to say it "sums things up properly". :wink:

As a supporter of the team, I'm looking forward to a good game on Saturday and a much improved situation in the New Year! :thup:

Enough of the "team bashing" and whining about "season's ticket prices". :roll:

Ticat teams have had bad periods but they turn it around and turn it into a Winner!

This won't be any different! :wink:

With the return of some former Ticat favourites and a chance to end the season on a winning note,I'm looking forward to Saturday's game.


I will probably be there again Saturday.

Where are you tailgating?

SCOTT PARK... Just to the south of IVOR WYNNE, where most people park!

The long range forecast says 0% chance of Rain and 9 degrees C for game time. (that's about 50 degrees F for us oldsters)

Perfect Fall Football Weather :thup: