Planning for the Future -- Around the League

So now that the 2014 season is in the books, I want to revisit this idea that we “should” have had a successor to Calvillo groomed and ready to go.

The BC Lions traded to get Glenn when Lulay went down and it still wasn’t enough.

The Eskimos were nothing when Reilly wasn’t in the lineup.

The Riders’ season went completely down the tubes once Durant got injured.

The Bombers had no one proven to back up Drew Willy.

The Argos weren’t exactly on fire when Ricky Ray was out of the lineup.

Ottawa had no one behind Burris because DeMarco suffered a season-ending injury. Even then, it’s doubtful that DeMarco would have made any difference to how their season went.

The Tiger-Cats were not the same team at all when Collaros was injured.

But somehow we should have had a replacement for AC all lined up? Still think so? :wink:

Looks to me like we’re no different from any other team, i.e. you’re not going to look at your backup until circumstances (injury, poor play by the starter, or retirement) force your hand. Calgary is the one exception to that rule, but they’re an elite team with an elite group of coaches. And even then, BLM would never have gotten a chance if Drew Tate had been able to stay healthy a few years ago.

Ok I take it all back. Montreal did just as well as other teams grooming a QB to replace a 40 year old.

As well as Toronto with Collaros and Harris
As well as Calgary with Mitchell and Tate
As well as Sask until Willy was lost due to free agency
As well BC over the years

Proof that Montreal has done great job of recruiting and training is the number of their trained QBs you see around the league. Just a fluke Montreal has none and is now lining up with an Edmonton trained third stringer.

C'est une observation très juste.

Relativement à Calgary, Hufnagel et Dickenson on pris le temps de préparer Tate. Lorsque ce dernier est tombé au combat plus qu'à son tour, ils ont amené Glenn le temps de préparer l'alternative à Tate.

Je crois que c'était le plan des Alouettes avec McPherson, mais les choses ne se sont pas bien passées.

C'est là qu'on voit que c'est un exercice périlleux que d'amener un substitut du même calibre que le partant. Le substitut ne le sera pas longtemps. L'équipe va mettre des efforts pour le former mais si le partant ne se blesse pas pendant son séjour, il sera convoité par une autre équipe et finira ailleurs de toute façon. Dès lors, l'opération sera à recommencer.

Once the salary cap went in a little over 5 or so years ago it really strapped teams who needed to pay an elite QB up in the 400K up to 450K or so.
If you look back before that every team, well most times, had two capable QBs but the league was tanking paying out million dollar contracts.
Starting with the Ricky Ray Trade in 2012 the elks had no one at all ready to step up.
BC was able to take a lower pay project QB like Reilly and successfully groom him into a starter. Problem he became a FA and EDM among others were in dire need. Leaving BC empty handed in 2013 when Lulay went out.

Calgary traded Burris before the successful grooming of Tate took off in FA. Calgary added a mid pay QB in Glenn and a successful super rookie grooming Bo Levi. Unloading the high Burris salary while he was still among elite status proved to be perfect timing.

In Regina. Able to have an open CFL competition for new QBs in 2012. Drew Willy with a CFL background from college was able to transfer his NFL TC, PR, and UFL experience to move quickly to top back up and starter status. Like BC the need for a starter opened the door for Willy to get a job in Winnipeg. Leaving The Riders short at QB a year later when needed.

In Toronto could be a lot said for coaching with Milanovich being a QB guru of many leagues. Trevor Harris a small school QB was able to take his NFL TC, UFL, and AFL experiences and with Milanovich able to move from 3 to 2A to solid 2 in Toronto in 3 years.
Collaros Coming right to the CFL his 1st year out of NCAA right before TC in 2012 was a project as the number 4 guy. Quickly elevated to equal terms with Harris in year two. and by year 3 was handed off to Austin in Hamilton. By the second half of the season was approaching the status of Bo Levi as a super young QB who moved quickly up.
Toronto was deep enough to have Harris still available.

Montreal had McPherson through the Trestman era for 5 season's. whether you like him or not. or whether you though he was good or not he was still the number 2 guy for seasons. With AC still playing at a high level into his 40's A-Mac bailed leaving a 2013 Als team with no experienced back up when AV went down. Unlike the grooming of Reilly, Neiswander did not pan out.

Now its anyones guess as to acquire a top starter and a top back up.
A project QB you groom that with good timing can take over for your starter.
Going to FA and finding a project that has been groomed but has a starter with several years left so he jumps ship in FA.
A tweaner who has played NFL as a TC/PR with some alternative UFL/AFL/ or now FXFL. More or less a Crompton type. Willy type, or Harris type.
Or now the Brohm or Beck type who has had a NFL career into his very early 30's and can make the transition or wants to make the transition. With low pay to start that could lead to an elite 500K or so. Yet to be seen if that will happen as of yet. The addition to the salary cap could get a lil bit more pay for a back up that would be enough to not have him jump ship for the Broadcast booth so quickly.

Excellent regard sur cette situation!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

La conclusion apparaît d'elle-même et est parfaitement mise en lumière par les faits. Bravo! :rockin: