Plan of action and changes DEMANDED!!!!

[i]Here are the facts:

If Reinbold remains DC, the 2012 season is over. Another waisted season. Down the toilet it goes, along with the collective vomit of Alouettes fans. WHY the duck is Reinbold still employed as of October 11?

The players have given up on Reinbold. The players have given up on Bischoff for special teams. The players see that Trestman tolerates such gross incompetence from 2 of his coaches and does nuttin. RESULT: the players have, or will soon give up on Trestman.

After Monday's game, when Richardson tears his name off of his locker and storms out, when Calvillo, soft spoken Calvillo says the team played like shyyt, when Luc Brodeur Jourdain says a team meeting needs to be called, you know the brown stuff has hit the fan!!!!!!!!!

The only way to save the season: Fire REINBOLD right duckin now! Appoint Sinclair DC and have him run a base 4-3 defense that lets the players PLAY (and not overthink). The defense could not be any worse than it is now. It would also send the message that coaches and players need to be accountable, and that Trestman has not given up.

The status quo is unnacceptable! :thdn: [/i]

so did you go to the practice and tell them? there's still tomorrow.