Places Every Canadian Should Visit

HfxTC’s post below from the Atlantic Schooner’s thread deserves its own thread here, I think:

I’ve done all the above except Saguenay Fjords and NFLD.

I would add Georgian Bay, Dinosaur Provincial Park, and the Okanagan to that list.

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No Watrous, Saskatchewan?

The Okanagan for sure .

Ontario Alone :

Thousand Islands some areas are so unique . Some have to be seen to be believed .

Algonquin Park Area .

Blue Mountain Area .

Wasaga Beach

The Sand Dunes Quinte Isle near Picton in some areas its tropical you could take a picture and think your somewhere down south in the Summer .

…Juno Beach and Vimy Ridge

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Completely agree with this one. So moving to visit the Juno Beach Centre and Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetary just this past November where many of the Canadian soldiers killed in the D-Day landing by Canadians on Juno Beach are buried. 2,044 Canadians buried there.

for beauty, recreation, experience and awe, all of BC and the Rockies have pretty much all that one needs. Just add Niagra Falls.

Haven’t been to NF.

Was in NS but not Halifax. NO PEI or NFLD.

Was in St John NB for about 20 hrs.

Hitch Hiked back and forth through Quebec. Bad Experience. Never going back.

Went threw Ottawa a few times, just to change trains or planes.

If I was younger and in better shape, I think I would like to travel to Yellowknife and other points up north to meet and hopefully experience being up there and their culture.

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I’ve been to every place on Hf’s list. A couple of additions would be the Gaspe Peninsula and Labrador.

I had a cottage on Georgian Bay for many years and you can never tire of the beauty. It is magnificent and the fishing is out of this world.

I don’t golf but I took my son once to Cape Breton Highland Links. Every vista felt like I was in a calendar. I’ve never seen a golf course that beautiful. Almost made me want to golf. Then I woke up and just enjoyed the scenery.

Not much of a golfer myself and only social golf for fun and laughs .

But some of the golf courses like the one you experienced have such outstanding scenery it’s a shame to turn your head and look down at the ball .

…lol ;D

Oh. Can you say why?

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Johnny would add the flowerpots of Tobermorie, and the sunsets of Le Bic/Rimouski.

back in the 70s, days of FLQ and such. Got balled out for daring to be in Quebec and not speak French, even by someone who gave me a ride and bought me lunch. Had to just sit there and take it.

To understand why there was such an attitude you need to read a little history. Read the true history, not the stuff written by the biased d’anglais.

yeah. I don’t want to take the topic there. Just mentioned what I did in passing.

However, onehasn’t really enjoyed the Canadian experience untilone has visited Dog River :slight_smile:

It was just a suggestion FYB.

In order to understand each other we need to walk a mile in the other’s shoes. People who feel hard done by usually have a history behind their reasons. It’s not a bad idea to know the history of others.

We are so lucky to be living in this country.

Also if you are going to see the Cabot Trail, go around it counter clockwise. That way you see the vistas better and you only have to pull off to the right for each scenic outlook except one. Do not hesitate to go exploring through the back roads. Take a trip up to Meat Cove. See the spot where Cabot landed. At the end of the day have a lobster supper in Cheticamp.

Matapedia Valley, Quebec. South from Mont-Joli on 132. This is a beautiful route and the salmon fishing is the best.

Louisbourg Fortress on Cape Breton… Fantastic rebuild of the fort that helped Canada become what it is today. You can walk through homes and buildings and the staff are dressed in period costumes. You can even eat what they did in the 1700s at a taverna type cafe. Only a spoon is given. My kids loved it.

80 years ago today our heroic Canadian soldiers stormed the beach

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…and a guy we all knew as Scottie (James Doohan) left part of a finger behind that day…

Gotta add (even though the Rockies got a mention) Highway 93 - the Banff -Jasper Highway deserves its own mention. Plan on a full day for the 5 hour drive as it looks like this every where you turn…
(Athabasca River foreground.)


Been there

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