placekicker Mike Vanderjagt Cut???

placekicker Mike Vanderjagt may be in danger of not making the final 53-man roster for Dallas According to a story on

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Could we get in back into the CFL ?

if he's released it will be because of his injury, and as soon as he's healthy he'll be scooped up by another NFL team.

so, "no".

Guess the only time will see him in Ticat Helmet was back during that hockey Game at IWS

If Dallas does cut Mike heres a list of the NFL teams that would be working hardtrying to sign him

Baltimore Ravens,
Buffalo Bills
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Denver Broncos
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Diego Chargers
Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons WEll I think you get my point.

I doubt he will get cut, he is one of the most accurate NFL kickers in history.

I fixed your typo.

You're welcome.

He is a member of the Forbidden Website's Hall of Fame. Once and argo...always an argo. He brings shame to everyone in Killbride.

2003 I believe.

What about the less expansive Myers ?

Sports Illustrated also had the "story" that Drew Bledsoe is in danger of losing his job to Tony Romo. Bill Parcells dumped all over it.
The Vanderjagt "story" is the same type of hogwash.

I could care less if Vander-shank ever kicked another field goal in his life. Being an Indianapolis Colts fan gives me the right to say this, along with sitting 10th row in the endzone of last year's heart-breaking loss to the Steelers. I had the best of both worlds. Jerome Bettis fumbled right in front of me, and 2 min. later Vander-shank kicked one of the worst field goals in NFL history. Accurate kicker yes...but not when it counted. BUM!


So are you saying you know more about Vanderjagt than Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells?

Not at all. The guy has been a great kicker. Just expressing my feelings towards the guy. Not a big fan of a guy who calls out one of the best QBs in recent years, and a coach who is a proven winner, and then go out and miss the most important kick of your life by a mile.

I agree he is missing a few social skills but over the years he has been a pretty consistent, accurate kicker. I would say he has a few years left in him yet.
I believe that as long as he is on the Cowboys roster (whether he plays the first game or not) for the first regular season game he will collect his salary for this season. I can't see his present temporary injury problem affecting that. If he can't produce once he is healthy then we likely won't see him next season.

I would love to see him back in The CFL with Hamilton.
Cause he is Canadian from Oakville.

I know it most likely will never happen
But I can Dream... :wink:

I completely agree with you. He is still a good kicker and the Cowboys would be foolish if they cut him. Even if he was to be cut, it wouldn't be long before someone else picked him up. I know how good of a kicker he is, i was just expressing my displeasure in his complete shank last year. Although if it weren't for a few bad calls by the officials, then the Colts never would have had that opportunity. I remind you that the Colts had second and 2 and threw two passes to the endzone instead of pounding it for another first down and a possible closer FG attempt.