Place Your Bets! Who will Be New Coach?

We can know find out if we are bonafide armchair GMs. Let's try and match Obie's pick.

I'm going with Tim Burke. 8)

I chose Dickenson. Obie brought him into the league, and IIRC they have a Montana connection, and Dickenson has the Burris connection.

After reviewing the candidates and based on there bios, I believe George Cortez is the best guy for the job and will be the guy we will sign. If it were anyone else, it would have happened by now. Once we sign him (in January), we will sign a Henry Burris (either through trade for Kevin Glenn or from him being released). Burris will start 1-2 years and mentor Porter (with Cortez) which will be an incredible experience for Porter (Based on comments form Obie, I believe he likes what he sees in Porter). Cortez is more than qualified for mentoring Porter having been QB coach for Buffalo (look at the result in Fitzpatrick), OC in Calgary and OC & QB coach at the University of California (mentoring Aaron Rodgers). George will be the guy.

You raise very good points Chewbaca. . . I had voted for Dickenson, but after reading your post, my mind is changing. . .

I think it will be Cortez because if it was someone else we'd already have a coach. I'm really hoping that Burke comes in as DC and assistant HC.

So what about some unknown from the NFL or NCAA?
Tressman came with zero CFL experience and the most successful coach over the last five years.

Great insight

I chose George Cortez because this team can't afford any more mistakes. He is a proven coach and the next logical step for him would be a H-C in the CFL. Plus he could still live in the Buffalo area.
Tim Burke would be my second choice. I could live with any of the rest. I would like to see see Dickenson get a chance but I suspect his sphere is centred around Calgary and Vancouver.

I would like to see either George Cortez or Tim Burke here as the head coach.

Dickenson and O'shea haven't been doing their current jobs long enough and we've had enough of being treated as guinea pigs for on the job trainees.

I don't think we will see Cortez here.

He hasn't been interviewed yet, as he is still under contract with the Bills.

And I also think he will want to capitalize his NFL salary.
The demands of being an NFL QB coach compared to a CFL head coach for similar salary is one thing to consider at his age.

While also the longer he coaches in the NFL, the bigger his pension will be. Something you don't have for coaches in the CFL on every team.

I'm thinking we will see Dickinson or Burke - hoping Burke because he has more experience coaching as a DC and Dickinson has said himself he will be better as a HC with a few more years of OC experience.

According to Arash Madani from Sportsnet, the Ti-cats have called in Burke for a second interview.

I'm disappointed in this forum discussion.

Here I was hoping that we'd see the renowned creativity and expertise of forum members coming up with potential candidates that Obie has overlooked. Instead, all we have are the few names Drew Edwards has put forward.

C'mon guys, Obie and Scott need better help than this. Get to work!

Thanks, Bob.

Reports (I believe Drew's Scratchingpost) are that it is unlikely Cortez will come here. With that said, does anyone know what his contract status is with the Bills?

If he's still under contract, would a move from an assistant's position in the NFL to a HC position in the CFL be considered a lateral or vertical move? This would speak to the issue if the Bill's would give the Cats permission to chat w Cortez (if he's still under Contract).

How about Matt Dunigan? Experienced as a HC, very familiar with the CFL.

Greg Marshall our former DC? I wonder how much money Sask still owes him that we might save paying?

Joe Paterno?


Caretaker: We're doing the best we can. :slight_smile:
However....we did offer help last year but it did not do much good. Some of us wanted Scott Milanovitch. :wink:

Joe Kapp as OC
Ang Mosca as DC

Well Bob its kind of hard to figure what you guys are looking for.

Had the College coach,(Marshall) didn't like that. Then you had the carreer NCAA coach with CFL experience (Taffe) did not work out. Then you had the "Bright Young Coach" with CFL experience didn't like that.

You live in football country in North Carolina where Montreal found Marc Trestman unemployed. Maybe you should pick out a coach since your President and GM have no contacts... Your paying people around you way too much for way too little return.

I still think the best guy for the job is Blake Nill , HC of the Calgary Dinos. Tough as nails, huge experience of the Canadian game. CFL carreer as a player and a Master's degree and his kids are all grown up.

I read in an article that I can not find; However, I think it was said/Quoted in the article that Sask. over the next two years are paying Marshall $220,000 per, as long as he doesn't coach for the next two years. Not sure how it works if a team wants him to coach though.

Edit: I voted Tim Burke in the poll.