Place your bets. Cats 7-1 to win 2014 Grey Cup

OK - I know this is a bit silly since we have no idea who is going to be where after the expansion draft - but here from are the early odds for winning the 2014 Grey Cup.
Saskatchewan: 3 - 1
BC Lions: 7 - 2
Calgary: 4 - 1
Toronto: 6 - 1
Ti-Cats: 7 - 1
Montreal: 8 - 1
Edmonton: 9 - 1
Winnipeg: 12 - 1
Ottawa: 25 - 1

I just don’t understand why people think Toronto is so great. Yes Ricky Ray is a great QB and they have some good running backs and receivers, but their defence gave up the most yards per game in the league this year.

Sure, they got lucky against some of the western teams, but we thumped them all season this year.

Once again Hamilton = no respect

A quick look at the final standings may clear it up for you. The standings are determined by wins and losses - not yards gained or yards given up. Wins and losses are also reflected in the "points for" and "points against" totals. Ultimately, defenses are judged by the number of points given up, not the number of yards given up.
In the East Division, the Argos won more games, scored more points and gave up fewer points than any other team so it makes sense that the Argos would currently be favoured in the East Division going into next season.

I don't agree.

The Ticats are ranked as middle of the pack. Based on the points earned on the season, and on the PF/PA ratio, that's about where we belong. The Division playoff games were both very close (with the exception of that final play TD off a fumble vs Toronto). Those two nail-biters are not sufficient reason to move us up in the oddsmakers' eyes. If anything, the pasting we took in the Grey Cup demonstrates that we belong about where we are ranked.

Let's just improve the club and win a Cup or two. That's Kent Austin's plan.

Anyway, until the expansion draft and free agency period, there's very little point in doing these odds at all.

And for goodness' sake let's leave the useless paranoia behind.

Hey Stevehvh
Your line "And for goodness' sake let's leave the useless paranoia behind." is one of the best and most insightful comments I've read here in a long time.

Maybe it helps some people to think the world is against the Cats or to get furious with things - comments like 'It just makes me sick - I couldn't even watch any more' are so common on this board - but it really does become almost laughable at times in here.

Every week between games or during the in game thread on this board it is just a continuous string of somebody disrespecting the Cats, or being in a bro-mance with players on the other team. TSN hates us, other media ignore our team and players, compliments sent our way seem to be ignored or get missed, any compliment of a player on the other team is held up as proof of the announcers bias against us.

I just enjoy the games and enjoy coverage of the Cats, other teams, other sports I like and the league in general. I usually even enjoy sitting among (reasonable) fans of the opposing team having fun razzing each other in a friendly manner - had a blast sitting among 10 Argos season ticket holders in the Eastern final all game long. I just can't imagine enjoying any of that very much if at every turn I was getting upset or indignant over a perceived lack of respect, or getting mad all the time because the TSN announcers were giving too many compliments towards good players on the other team. .

I follow sports because I enjoy it and it is fun - not to stress me out and to get mad and upset about things surrounding the game that I have no control over. If that was happening to me i hope I would be smart enough to realize that it was time to find a different hobby - one that didn't make me mad all the time. lol

Thanks TravelPat,

I'm totally with you on that, following a football team is supposed to be fun. Getting all riled up over slights real or imagined (mostly the latter it seems sometimes) is bad for one's health. Life's way too short for that. I have other things to get mad about--this stuff isn't one of them.

We had a very good year. Enjoy.

I agree wholeheartedly with both of you. :thup:

Besides, 7 to 1 is better than "almost even" odds which was offered just before this years GC kick-off :wink:

I think last March, Vegas odds on Ticats winning the GC were something like 12 to 1 or even higher.

I think we will win a Cup within the next 5 Years maybe 2 Cups , One in THF sounds Nice :slight_smile:

Hamilton 12-9
Toronto 11-8
Hamilton 3 to 1 head to head