place your bet

I would like to throw this out there. 2 former Ticat QB's who will be picked up first?

I say Richie will be p/u first and go to Montreal. As for Casey ........?

Williams may go to Montreal to help their QB situation when Calvillo retires after this season. Printers isn't going anywhere.

I think Ritchie could be Argo Bomber or Eskimo

The smart money says Richie will find a home before Printers does. Argos are a possibility, but I see Calgary as the perfect fit for him.

I'm curious as to why you think that. I don't see it at all with the investment the Als have made in their stable of young QB's last year. I could see Toronto but that's about it and even that is a longshot. Bart Andrus being an NFL coach. I would think RW's mechanics wouldn't tempt him very much. We'll see I guess.

For some reason, people seem to think that Calvillo will retire any day now and that the Als have no talent backing him up. While the former is a possibility, he may also play 2 or 3 more years. And the latter isn't true. Williams might be worth a look for Montreal, but that is not a likely destination.

I predict: Richie to Toronto before the season starts. Printers to Sask halfway through the season.

That prediction does not appear too likely:

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Meanwhile, Rita said the Argos are not interested in quarterback Richie Williams, who was released by the Ticats yesterday.

"Not particularly," Rita said. "We will add another one (before camp opens), but it will be a rookie. We have enough veterans (in Kerry Joseph, Cody Pickett and Reggie McNeal, who will probably line up at receiver again)."

Don’t think so…

Firstly if Calvillo has another great year, he may have a small shot a Damon Allens record in 3 years time

Secondly…the Als have Leak and McPherson…

Thirdly …and I’m going to try to remain calm here…why do some of you guys think that your cast offs have any real value to anyone. Like Timmy Chang, Williams wasn’t good enough to be a third string QB on a 3-15 team, never mind help on the best offensive team in the league.

Richie may be a nice guy, but he can’t throw. Great heart, great legs, great for D2 NCAA, but for the pass happy CFL…forget it.

Calvillo was going to retire this year but he stayed on. I DOUBT he's staying next year too.

Yeah well, he first wanted to play till 30, then he set his goal to 35, now its year to year very normal for an athlete his age. Also this year's reflection was related more to his wife health and family situation. There is nothing in his play last season that would warrant him leaving the game right now. As shocking as it may sound. He was in the best physical and mental shape he's been in since coming in the league. His throws were more consisstent and he ran better ! Things can change in the blink of an eye in this game. IE: Tucker but there are a lot of guys in this league that are closer to retirement then Calvillo if you want to look at production, age and wear. Dominguez, Comiskey, O'Day, Chiu, Hunt, Stala, Woodcock, Glenn, Maas... and the list goes on.

I'd prefer to say it a little more kindly, but fundamentally I think this is correct. Williams is a very fine person, a team player and a good athlete. But he wasn't starter material in the view of our coaches and management (a couple of iterations of each), and wasn't even able to secure the #2 spot here on a consistent basis. The notion that we should have somehow managed to get a player of note or even a draft pick in trade for him is wishful thinking; the fact that Obie tried to trade him and received zero interest certainly suggests that is the case.

I like Ritchie and hope he catches on somewhere. I have a feeling it won't happen. Other teams are much more likely to do what Rita is talking about-- finding a rookie with fresh potential to take a look at.

As for Casey Printers, of course it's possible someone will sign him before training camp, but I think it's more likely he'll find a spot as a backup somewhere during the course of the season when a starter gets injured or under-performs.

WOW, Thank you for remaining calm here... We'd really hate for you to have a heart attack