Place kickers having big year

Heading into the Labour Day weekend, I think it's time to put away all the negative vibes coming out of the Bomber camp and just focus on the fun things. Here's one: is it my imagination or are the place kickers around the league having a really big year so far? I could be wrong, but I think that the all-time leading percentage guy is Sandro DeAngelis with 83 per cent, or something like that.
But so far this year there are at least five kickers who are booting way above that, including Noel Prefontaine with a wicked 94 per cent average, and even Sean Whyte over in BC has done a commendable job of replacing the injured Paul McCAllum.

It just "feels" to me like every game I've watched so far there have been longish field goals coming in groups of 2, 3, and even 4 from beyond the 45-yard line. This is great stuff, especially when it seemed like there was a stretch of years when nobody was attempting anything beyond the 40 because all the teams were basically petrified of the kick returners in the league.

Let's forget about the hammerheads running my beloved Bombers this year, and get back to good stuff happening around the league.

Here's another one: is anybody better than Anthony Calvillo at making the other guys pay when they cough up the ball? That's basically his signature and it's going to be a long Labour Day for the Lions if they keep turning it over the way they have been.

Agreed on all counts.

And how about that Medlock in Toronto? On a train wreck of a team, this kid is really shining.

For sure. Medlock doesn't just inch them in, he drills them square through the uprights no matter where they line him up. That kid is awesome.

Hard to believe the tall foreheads in Toronto cut him after training camp.....

They didn't cut him. . . they kept both kickers on the roster after TC. . . when the other guy went down in the opening game, Medlock stepped in.

Alexis Serna is doing a great job in Winnpeg. He hasn't missed a kick inside the 40 and has the longest field goal this season (54 yards). He has made a 60 yarder in practice.

If Medlock was on the roster, what was he doing lining up caddie duties during week 2 of the season? I have to believe that even the Argos expect roster players to, oh, I don't know, at least be in the country during a game week.

On the transaction page at it says he was added to the roster from the reserved list. I know Wikipedia is a dubious source but this is what it says on Medlock's page:

Medlock signed with the Toronto Argonauts on April 16, 2009 and competed with fellow new import kicker Eddie Johnson for the kicking spot vacated by the retirement of Mike Vanderjagt. At the end of training camp, the Argos elected to keep both kickers and coach Bart Andrus elected to start Johnson for game one and placed Medlock on the practice roster.

Could be, then.