PK Sam Traded for Copeland

Good pick up for the Argos after losing Dorsey, Poole and Shivers. Sam was just signed the other day. I would take Copeland over him any day.

I'd take Copeland over Sam any day too.But thinking of the awesome numbers he put up with a garbage QB, make's you wonder what he can accomplish with Burris and the Stamps.

I'm a little stumped by this one. I know Copeland is a talented veteran, but he's getting up there in age. Sam is 6 years younger than Copeland and I'm sure with Copeland's stellar career he's raking in the $$. I think the problem with the blue team is that they are thinking of the "right now" Copeland is 33 years old. I don't know how many more good years he has in him. I know Copeland can give them production right now, but I think this is a bad move for the blue team.

Not to mention there is a bit of a difference between having Smilin' Hank and A.C. throwing to you over Kerry Joseph or whatever warm corpse they managed to bring in to compete with Kerry.

Anyone got Bob Torrance's phone number?

  • paul

Have to wonder if PK Sam knew of the trade before he re-signed with the Blow Team? He might have gone elsewhere if he suspected a trade. Kind of a kick in the you know whats if you sign in good faith, hoping to stay with a team and then get traded a few days later. Even more so if you had a good offer from another team you would like to play for.

He's a little older but I think he has two or three years left. Unfortunately that might not be enough for the boatmen. They will have to have a quick turn around for Copeland to have maximum impact. It can be done however. One season can make a difference and i think that's what they're banking on.

He had a rebound year last season. I hadn't seen him play like that in years. Maybe that is a positive. If he can give them three solid years it may be worth it. I don't think you can really think more long term than that in the CFL. They're probably not sure exactly what they have in Sam yet and want veteran CFL leadership. They really do need that at the receiver position.

Now, if they hadn't shipped out their best receiver last year :twisted: , he and Copeland would've made a dynamic duo.