PK Sam coming back

It looks like the Argos could be getting some help where they desperately need it.

Although we do need receivers, it is more crucial that we get a new QB, maybe someone like Casey Printers or one of Buck Pierce or Jarius Jackson.
The Joseph era should be finished.

Not so sure I agree...the Argos could have Doug Flutie in there and it wouldn't make all that much difference; that receiving corps does need major upgrading.

Doug Flutie at his age would be better than the washed up Joseph.
He has not done anything since arriving, a grave mistake it was to trade for him.

I agree with both of those points. All I was saying was that with the current weak receiving corps, a better QB in there wouldn't make much difference to the overall record.

It's a weird situation....half of Joseph's balls are wildly inaccurate. And then he hits a receiver between the numbers, only to have it bounce off him and get picked off.

...I hate to say it,cuz i don't like giving the opposition any ideas on how to strengthen so they can beat us...Argos need a new qb....I just read where Andrus is stickin with his guy come hell or high water..hmmmmmm bad Kelly found out....T.O. needs to deal with the leos for either Bucky or Jackson....or with the Riders for one of they're 20 qbs. (okay i exaggerated)Argos have no credible option at qb. and Joseph is looking like he's burned out and bent... :roll: Sam coming back will give them a lift...but i have to agree with's not enough to get their game going... :expressionless:

The Riders are in no position to part with either of DD or Jyles. Their plethora of kids are promising, but offer no immediate help to TO.

As for BC, and not to sound like a jerk, but what does Toronto have to trade that Wally might want?

Bringing in Printers is a more viable option.

Well, with the complaining about Glatt going on in the BC boards, maybe Moreno?

...i was going to suggest Casey....but i'm of the opinion he carries too much baggage for anyone to touch....but when you're desperate ??????who knows....I'm sure Wally wouldn't mind getting McNeal and a good pic for one of his qbs.....Seems T.O. is shopping McNeal as we speak....I don't care for this Grice-Millen guy...McNeal would be a good addition he plays qb....replacing Jackson or Pierce who are only playing to that level as of now anyway :wink:

Yes, and after going through the Bishop~Joseph QB controversy last year, I doubt that the Argos want to go there again.

I could only see them bringing in Printers if they out and out released or traded Joseph.

I agree that the Riders are in no position to part with either Durant or Jyles and the kids are just that and no where near the development level needed to be starting in the CFL.

I also can't see BC in a position to trade either. Pierce is quite injury prone and Jackson is highly inconsistent.

The Argos are going to have to figure something out in the sense that maybe Pickett be given the next start, KJ is highly inconsistent and doesn't seem to have what it takes anymore.

I don't think anyone in the CFL is to interested in Printers and for good reason.

On paper, maybe, but Glatt is a Canadian and Moreno an import. If you put the latter in for the former, Wally needs to start another Canadian somewhere. I don't BC's roster well enough to know how easy that would be.

How long before Talbot comes back? Seems he will be a go to guy when he returns, and should help out Joseph immnesly. I'm not so sure that Joseph is done, they are not making an offensive game plan to suit his talents-- he is much better if he is a threat to run-- and improvising on broken plays. Kent Austin knew that, and it mystifies me that others don't see that-- especially the Argo coaching staff.

If Toronto has all these problems at QB, and don't consider MCNeal a viable option there, what would Wally want with him?

He's only so-so as a receiver, having never really played the position. He can make plays, but also has a habit of dropping balls. BC has 2 or 3 of those guys already.

The reason I think Wally may part with either Buck or Jarius, beside the horrid record and the need to shake things up, Casey Printers now lives full time in Vancouver and is obviously by the phone waiting for it to ring.
Since Wally uncovered him and had the MVP season and since they also have the third string promising QB Lulay, I don't recall Wally ever saying he would not look at bringing back Casey at some point.

…who said Argos don’t consider him a viable option…They do…it’s just that recently McNeal is po’d with Andrus for dealing Bruce…he’ll be gone…As far as receiving goes…your take and mine on what the leos have in that dept. differ greatly…I’ve seen a lot of dropped balls by a couple of their guys …McNeal is an upgrade…just my opinion…you have yours… :wink:

kerry joseph is garbage, he is a running back playing QB, get him outta there, the guy had one fluke season in regina, where the defense, special team, and coaching staff carried him and he rode on their coatails, the guy was useless in ottawa, useless in the nfl europe, and useless in T.O.

I agree with you about his success in sask. But it still takes talent to run for over 1000 yards, like he did in ottawA. Let's not forget, the whole Ottawa org was useless from the top down! He still has some game left. I was never a big supporter of him when he was here in sask. But even I can admit the guy brings to the table a strong running game, and if he's given a great set of recievers and great protection, like he was afforded in sask, he can get it done.

They've just signed Armour