Pizza Pizza for 2 slices

perhaps I missed something but Pizza Pizza had a ad on the bigtron for 2 slices of pizza delivered to you seat if you text messaged them in the 1st quarter.Which I did.
Never saw a slice.
Was this a scam for 50 cents or was it the first person who called recieve it only?

I'm beginning to think it is a scam...the previous home game my friend texted the same number for pizza after we saw the ad on the bigtron in the second quarter...he got a message back saying something like "keep your cellphone on until the end of the first quarter to see if you have won" why place an ad in the second quarter if its only available until the end of the first? I must say we were deeply upset lol

I think the add was for a whole pizza, and I do remember some guy on the big screen being presented a pizza. (Stripes tried to eat it, to no avail.) So that was probably your winner.

It specifically said 2 slices.
And there was no " you have a chance of winnning" part of it at all.

P.S. he was the last guy who needed a pizza.

Get some semblance of a life , Geoffrey. Perdant.

The contest happens every game and the winner is even on the Tigervision. I believe the winner last game was in Box C. The winner does receive a whole pizza.

Yep, this is a new thing I noticed at every game.
If you text them in the first quarter, they do a random draw, and you get a free pizza delivered to your seat in the 2nd.

is there anything to suggest this a random draw at the game.

I was also sure it was 2 slices as well , not a whole pizza.

It's definitely not a scam, but a brilliant marketing ploy.

Let's say that out of 25,000 fans, 100 entered the draw for a pizza.

In the end, the callers collectively paid $50.00 for pizza that is probably worth $3.00.

I'm shocked that they don't run these promos over and over every game.

My advice? Keep your cash.


I heard about the contest the game before last and knew that the odds of actually getting the pizza were fairly slim. I wouldn't have bothered anyway because if I want pizza I'll buy it. Do you guys honestly believe they would try to scam you out of a text message?? Crap you're a paranoid bunch.

When you need truth and logic.. look no further than borehamgirl. :slight_smile:

I hope that wasn't another attempt to win sarcastic Just kidding. Thanks for the compliment. :wink:

Well I wouldn't say its much of a scam....if at best the Cats are making $45 a game. Plus, Im sure there is some sort of technology involved on the Ticats end so depending on whatever that cost, maybe they aren't making any money to begin with???

Now dont you have to text message to pick your winner for Canadian Idol? Thats a scam.

Nope you can call toll-free, text or vote online.

Well now you know I dont watch it :slight_smile:

Maybe the message is just not coming across clearly to everybody. The only marketing I have seen of this, is on the Tigervision, accompanied by Jason Farr, telling you what to do.

If you aren’t listening, and looking for that 15 seconds, then surely you will not know what’s going on, and seemingly, people will be texting, without knowing what for.

I have only seen it the last few games, but I understood the message ok.