Pittsburgh situation

Hamilton has a bigger population to draw from including outside its city limits such as Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga,Toronto, Brantford, St Catherines, Niagara, Guelph, KW and London, most of which are closer to Hamilton.

Besides, selling season's tickets won't make or break this team. What can this team do for the league? That's the question. AN owner in the southern states doesn't give a rat's a$$ how many tickets we can sell at home. He's concerned about how many tickets we can sell when we visit his city and arena. Also, he wants to know how a Hamilton, or K-W team will increase TV ratings in the states.

KW over Hamilton, they can stick their NHL up their shorts. :thdn:

this is a football site..wtf is hockey doing on here

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You're right Half, this is a discussion forum. But as Kool-Kat correctly pointed out this is a TI-CAT CHAP PAGE. There is another page for this, it is called Off Topic.

Hockey,Schmockey...who else in the world cares, except Canadians and Scandinavians? And some Russians.

yeah no kidding afterthedistance with you wanna talk about hockey…THERES A HOCKEY SITE…or at least go to oftopic wtf does hockey have to do with the tiger cars ABOUSLTLY NOTHING

for once me and Captain Kirk will agree on something. I belive it is the Leafs that have the problem with a Hamilton team and not the Buffalo Sabres.

Quebec City will never get another NHL hockey team. it's an entirely french speaking market that brings absolutely no benefit in terms of ad revenue or draw appeal among US teams. yes, they used to draw well but theres a new generation of fans that have never heard of the Nordiques. Players families hate it cause the wives and kids must now learn french, go to french school, You thought Chris Proger's wife hated Edmonton.....

No owner, unless Quebec based, will want to own that team and the pool of Quebec-based billionaires is very small, all based in Montreal and unwilling to spend on sports nowadays. (see Montreal Canadiens and Expos.) The Alouettes wouldn't have trouble finding an owner but paying 10 million for a team is different than 150 million.....Quebec City is done.

Do you really think Toronto is that opposed to the idea? I bet you could put a team in Hamilton and they would STILL sellout every game. Putting a team in Hamilton wouldn't change that for the Leafs, if anything it would give them another rival team that would be just as big a draw as Ottawa and Montreal.

It would seem more likely that Buffalo is the team against a franchise in Hamilton, since lots of fans they get at games come from Southern Ontario, as there are many die-hard hockey fans that simply cannot afford to pay for a game in Toronto (although Buffalo isn't too cheap anymore either), and its also very difficult to get a ticket there. Put a team in Hamilton, and those fans will probably go there to get their hockey fix instead.

Tornto will ALWAYS sellout games. Period. They have nothing to worry about, and I doubt they do.

It's not ticket sales that the leafs would worry about. it's having to share a southern ontario market of about 10 million people. As it stands those 10 million are all for the leafs taking. With a Hamilton team, you then have hamilton fans that watch hamilton games and buy hamilton jerseys instead of leafs stuff. They would have to share the attention and that cuts into revenues. even though the leafs make a lot of money and still would, they are now making less. this is business. You can never make to much money.

Buffalo does get fans from Niagara and even Hamilton but how many games do these people go to ? 1...2? Hamilton is close but it's still 1.5 hours drive. Cdn's making the trek is not the backbone to the franchises survival. Most also go cause it's hockey.there are more leafs and even detroit fans in S.Ontario than Sabres...That's what I think anyway.

put the habs in there to

People opposed to Hamilton getting an NHL team should read the following blog...

[url=http://hamiltontigers.blogspot.com/2006/12/learned-helplessness-concept-hamilton.html]http://hamiltontigers.blogspot.com/2006 ... ilton.html[/url]

The Leafs will never have competition when it comes to ticket sales, as they will always sell out. You could put another team in Toronto, and one in Hamilton, and they would still sell out. They have enough of a local fan base, and add to that the corporate seats (who would definitely choose the Leafs over a Hamilton team), so sharing the market in that respect is no problem at all.

As for merchandise sales, they may go down, but would it really hurt the team at all? It’s not like Toronto’s fan base is restricted to Southern Ontario. Watch Leafs vs. Sens games, Leafs vs. Montreal, Leafs vs. insert Canadian team here. Almost half the fans (and in some cases more than half) are Leaf fans. There are Leafs fans all over Canada, and even some in the States. How many Leaf fans do you actually see switching teams anyways? Most Leaf fans I know are Leaf fans for a reason. Most hockey fans don’t just switch teams that easily. It’s the casual fans that would be lost, fans that probably never went to many games, or bought any merchandise anyways.

I guess you could say I don’t think the Leafs would be in any trouble at all if a team were to come to Hamilton.