Pittsburg Penguins in Winnipeg or Hamilton?

Nice post argotom and you are exactly right, the NHL doesn't give a rats as* about Canada no matter what Bettman and his buddies say to the press. The only way another Canadian city gets an NHL team is if the NHL has exhausted all possible venues in the US, only then would then very reluctantly relocate a team to Canada and then maybe not even then.

That’s not what I heard Kanga.
I heard that Kansas City has a brand new arena that seats 20,000 including luxury boxes and they are the favorites to get the Penguins. And 2nd favorite is Oklahoma City with Houston a consideration.
We all know that any franchise should move to hockey mad Canada, but it won’t happen.
The favorite Canadian city is Wiinnipeg, but there semi new arena is too small for the NHL, and can only hold around 15000 to 16000 or something. (why didn’t they add more seats when they built it?).
Hamilton has no chance between Toronto and Ottawa and it’s arena is too small too, and Quebec City seats around 14000 to 16000 or so and they don’t have the money to build a new 20000 seat arena!
So unfortunately, the NHL will not be expanding in Canada for the forseeable future.

I doubt having an NHL team back in Winnipeg would affect CFL attendance, they had the Jets there for 20 years and supported the BB's just fine.....right Winnipeggers???

I cant believe NHL owners of some teams arent banging on Winnipegs door....guaranteed sellouts, loyal hockey crazy market, yet some of these guys are happy to be the # 4 sport in their town....

I'd sooner have the penguins more than the coyotes any day

I heard that the Hamilton mayer is pushing for the penguins to move there.

Aw, the MTS center is just right.

Kansas City had they chance with the NHL/NBA but they failed, there aren’t big enough for all 4 leagues, so whatever stadium they build would be used by a minor league, and that’s it.

damn strait!

Aw, c’mon, they onlt team I want back is the original Jets, they never should have left in the frist place.

and I hate to say it, but Hamilton hasn’t a chance with teams in Toronto and Buffalo, but they will always have the CFL. No Worries!