Pittsburg Penguins in Winnipeg or Hamilton?

Just wondering if the Penguins fly north, which I doubt they will, would this affect the season ticket base for the Bombers and the Cats? People have only so much money to spend on season tickets for sports I'm thinking. Myself, as a season ticket subscriber with the Cats, would stay with the Cats, 10 games a year is enough for me and I like football better than hockey, but that is just me.

.......I'd give the nod to Winnipeg......but sounds like Kansas City is at the top of the negotiation list for the Pengs.........

Bring back the Hartford Whalers

Better yet, bring back the Winnipeg Jets and the Quebec Nordeiks ( I have no idea how to spell there team name, sorry.)

They never should have lost the franchise in the first place.
And I hear the new downtown arena has the best corporate box sightlines anywhere.

Hey, How about my Sens?!

I think Winnepeg is holding the AHL allstar game this season. What a perfect time for Winnipeg people to show there support for a NHL franchise.

Not Hamilton. Winnipeg would be good though.

KK's drooling right now about this possibility.

I'd love to see Winnipeg get there team back, especially with a new arena and the new salary cap, but I think Kansas City will get the Pittsburh franchise.

There is precedent though of a team leaving and then getting another team, in both the NHL (Minnesota Wild & Atlanta Thrashers) and Football (Montreal, Ottawa, & Cleveland).

i'd love for winnipeg and quebec to get thier NHL teams back, or hamilton get a team....but not at the expense of thier CFL teams!

i'd rather see a CFL game to an NHL game....( and ive been an NHL fan for 12 years and a CFL fan for 1 ..lol )

Athought occured to me. What if they just leave the league. It's getting pretty crowded.

But then again, that'll never happen, too much money will be lost.

I'd love to see Winnipeg get there team back, we have one of the busiest arenas in north america and it would be awesome, not hamilton though, and the top teams to get pittsburgh is Kansas City and Houston.

I see that more people here would like to see Winnipeg get a team, or at least feel that Winnipeg would get a team over Hamilton. And this is good news to me as I think here in Hamilton, an NHL team would hurt the Ticats season ticket base and this is the last thing I want. And Hamilton's arena is so out of date compared with the MTS Centre, this city wouldnt have a chance hopefully because of this and territorial rights with Toronto and Buffalo.

I wish earl. We don't have the money to hold a NHL franchise. But i really wish we could get the jets back.

Winnepeg is averaging 7,083, and Hamilton is averaging 4,626 in the AHL this season the nod goes to Winnepeg. I would like to see Manchester, NH get an NHL team they are averaging 9,000 a game and are always soldout

But how much is an NHL ticket compared to an AHL?

If we were to get an NHL team tickets would probably go for $80.00 and up for a seat in Winnipeg. With prices like that, no one would go therefor we wouldnt get a NHL team.

Prices vary with AHL tickets. I know in Lowell i buy the cheapies for $11 dollars American. Bruins i couldn't telll you i usually get them for free. I think they are face value $55 American.

Yeah Buddy!!! Ron Francis…Mike Liut…Kevin Dineen :smiley:

I am with you DG, hands down goes to the CFL over NHL and the overpaid but no longer good "Canadian Boys". Some of you will not remember but Kansas City had an NHL team called the Scouts in the late 70's or early 80's. It failed miserably and to think the desperate NHL would go back over Winnipeg or Quebec City. That my friends is a joke and another example how the NHL has long ago sold out our game to the Americans who have no clue about hockey.

Guys, not gonna happen, I love the Penguins and I hope their never move and get that new stadium.

Winnipeg should focus on getting the Coyotes back.

I would like to see the stadium the Pens are using now collapse and the pens play in Winnipeg while a new stadium is being build like the Flyers did with QC a long time ago. but nothig more than that.

KC has an outdated stadium and plans for a new stadium went down the drain, so they are out.

Houston has good stadium, and they had a sucessful WHA once, but is an NHL fan base there?