Pitch to Cobb

Why the hell do they not use more pitch-outs to Cobb? They're not using him correctly. With his great speed and the wider CFL field they should be pitching more to him so he can turn the corner and blast down the sidelines. Instead they call a handoff with no holes to run through meanwhile both of the outsides are wide open. They only tried it once against Argos and it worked great except it got called back on a penalty. He's got great hands also and has made some nice catches but they need to get him the ball more where he's got some room to accelerate. Then he's like a freight train.

Couldnt agree more. Going wide once in awhile will also help spread the D, unplugging the middle. Im pulling my hair out with that MISERABLE goal line offence ( Cobb up the middle,no gain...lets do again ). Our best( only ) play down low is now a QB sneak...NOT GOOD. Perhaps if KK returns, theyll use more wide stuff with his speed . In the meantime, they`ve got to add some outside plays for Cobb ... and some misdirection, too.


Except for the two BC games Cobb hasn't been overly effective. Whatever the reason, I suspect when KK or Caulley return Cobb may be used as an alternate look and/or kick returner.

well once again I don’t think you can blame Cobb. He’s not a powerback but we try to use him like one. Our line is not opening holes for him so he has no where to go. Getting him outside is obvious to everyone but the coaching staff. One thing I have noticed about Cobb though is that he does not put his head down and just hit the hole whether it’s there or not. Sometimes you just have to hit the hole hard and hope it’s there where it should be…

Next time your at the game i'll get MB on the phone for you. He's been really confused as to what plays to call lately and an armchair QB is just what he's looking for. :cowboy:

Yea that would be good thanks. :smiley:
MB might be a good coach, but his offensive play calling has always been very suspect and still is.

8) Did you ever think, it just might be Offensive Coordinator, Mike Gibson that is calling
 these plays  ???   

 That is his job, you know !!!

Didn't they pitch to Cobb for a touchdown but it was called back due to a holding penalty?

Maybe it is a matter of tailoring the running game to the strengths of the offensive line.

Maybe they just don't have the foot speed to get out and run a pitch or a sweep.

Just thinking out loud here.

  • paul

don't kid yourself, considering his background, MB probably plays a significant role in our offence. I like him as a head coach but not necessarily as an OC.

MB did pretty well as an OC and Mike Gibson helped make the Saskatchewan O deadly. Their two offensive minds should be able to build a pretty sweet playbook.

I too would like to see more of Cobb ... especially as many have already mentioned by playing to his strengths like the ability to get outside. The running game seems become more and more a factor as the season moves along and into the playoffs. I think MB is on the right track - maybe a bit more conservative than many of us fans would like with the play calling, but now we are getting to crunch time and he will probably need to open things up a bit more.

If you remember last season, Kenton Keith had only a few carries and on most of them he got stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Again there were no holes from the OL.

Taking Cobb out would be a horrible move. Instead call plays that take advantage of his speed.

seems obvious doesn't it -- to play to his strengths.
So too would be throwing the ball to your best receivers, but we often seem to throw it to our fullbacks and ends who are not our best receivers. And we shake our heads when it doesn't work out too well.
We need to play to our strengths more often like all the best teams do...

I could think of a team or two that may argure that...