Piped in "D-FENCE"

I was at the game on Firday and I found the piped in "D-FENCE" to be annoying and fake.
When I was watching the game on video today it sounded even worse on TV.

I know some place pipe in crowd noise, but I like the real crowd to make the noise. At some points in the game I almost felt like I didn't have to cheer to loud as it was being done for me.

lol.. agree.. he shud just tell us to cheer. not do the cheering for us.. just get us into it instead of having to try and beat out the loud speakers.,

They've been doing that for years. It's not the same as pumping in crowd noise.

The crowd got louder as the game progressed. I think a lot of people are of the "show me something first" attitude before they're willing to cheer at full volume.