Pink slips Monday?!

Knowing the TIcats they won't do anything this week , or the next ! things will snowball and the rest is history like BOb's 5,10 plus year plan BLow it all up in the off season and start from scratch :cowboy: MAJOR CHANGES ASSP ,WHERE IS THE GOD DAM RUN MR AUSTIN?

Pink Slips for the Whole Team, that was a major disaster the Roughies really kicked the Tiger-Cats butts, even Chris Schultz of TSN was wrong he said Riders by only 19 points not 37, that's called getting beat by a great team and getting your noses rubbed in it, welcome back Kent!!!

And who would you suggest they fire? And replacements?

Asking for pink slips four games into a season is ludacris. This team should be 2-2, and this game was a very winnable one tonight up until the dying minutes of the 3rd quarter. If our offence produced just a little bit, the teams would have actually of been competing for the win in the 4th quarter and not just packing it in.

8) Can't help but feel happy for George Cortez tonight, considering the raw deal he got from the so called TiCat
  brain trust last year !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
:thup: :lol:

Oh come on!!!!!!! Raw deal?

Do you not remember some of George's silly antics. He cost us games....and never did figure out what the challenge flag was all about

But I will allow you the comment about the hairbrained trust that reports to the caretaker.....I can hardly wait to see Mitchell sniping away at drew Edwards for daring to speak the truth...

Mitchell HAS TO GO!!!!!


Yeah, I gotta agree ( thought the same with Bellefeuille)

In his rookie year as HC, Cortez produced a record breaking, league leading offense, and excellent Special Teams.

The D was incredibly bad, and could only have gotten better in his 2nd year as HC,

1 year is not enough to learn that job, and I think it was rash to can him with 2/3 of the team performing at such a high level. Hardly fair to not give him a chance to improve that D.

Enough looking back at last year. Look at what's going on NOW. If it was unfair to can Cortez after last year how is it fair to start making changes at this time this year? I'm f--king sick and tired of the losses but I'm becoming more sick and tired of the two faced fans of this team. Stop looking back at the past and pretending everything was just fine when you wanted everyone fired back then. Stop asking for changes then complaining about lack of continuity. Holy f--k you guys.

When Austin made the decision to take the ball in the 3rd quarter the game was no longer winnable. The longer you have the win the shorter the field.

Yeah but when your team is down 16 points, don't you think you want the extra possesison? Are you kidding me? I would have done the same thing. Gave his team the best chance to get back into the game instead of waiting until the 4th where they could have been in a bigger hole.

As bad as this game was, take it from us Argo fans there is no need to panic.
It's a long season and going 9-9 in the (L)East will likely win the division.

You're exactly right but no ones going to listen to you. Montreal is a terrible wreck, Winnipeg is Winnipeg like usual, and right now you guys have the best team at 2-2

Mitchell is already expected to step away from the Ticats in 2014. Sadly, Bob's steadfast support for Mitchell's comically belligerent communication style would suggest that whoever is hired to replace him will be just as bad, if not worse. It appears to be one of Bob's primary criteria, presumably to draw heat away from himself.

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That wasn’t the mistake.
Sask won the toss and deferred, taking the wind in the 4th. The only option was to take the ball to start the 3rd.
The mistake was taking the ball in the 1st, rather than the wind in the 2nd.

Ive said it many times on here...CORTEZ SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED and austin has a POOR winning record everywhere else accept in saskatchewan when the team was already in place. our offence is horrible this year,secondary like the last few years(aweful) we are a pathetic organization .....bob has hired the wrong people and it shows every year and he does nothing but fire the easy solution bob, but it hasnt done you any good...get rid of mitchell and shawn burke now!!!

NO news is good news ? Nothing going on no big announcements to spark the team ?! A Corey Boyd signing would be good ! :roll: same status quo. "develope the players we have"

8) I agree with you fully regarding George Cortez. I still believe that he was fired because of his less than amicable
  relationship with certain so called sports journalists !!  He got frustrated with their stupid questions, and more or less
  told them so.   Knock Cortez all you want, but he sure had this offence humming last year, as one of the best in the CFL.

   I can still remember Bob Young stating that George Cortez was an excellent football man, and was the right man for this 
    job in Hamilton !!   So much for that statement 10 months later !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    I also have to agree with you regarding your comments about Austin !!

     The Argos fired him as their OC, so what does that tell you ??

We missed a third down conversion by inches last night. I know there was no replay to watch (thanks for nothing, TSN), but Austin should have thrown the challenge on that ball placement, if only as a gamble. Personally, I thought the spot was horrible - half a yard short - but that close, even a small adjustment could have given us the first down.

George should still be here. It was his first year and as we will hear from Austin, it takes time to build a winner.

All of us that watched the game together were screaming at the TV for both a replay from TSN and a challenge flag from Austin.