Pink hoodies.

Watching todays games my wife tells me she wants a Blue Bomber pink hoodie, she's not a Bomber fan. Watching the Rider Esks game, she then says she likes both the Eskimo pink hoodie and the Rider bunny hug? She is from Saskatchewan and says you can only get bunny hugs in Saskatchewan. She's not a fan of either team. I may hide her tickets for the Stamps home games as I am sure it is going to cost me, she is a Stamps fan.

I think I will be contributing a lot to Womens Cancers, not a bad thing.

What's a bunny hug and why are they only in Saskatchewan?

As far as I know, bunny hugs are just what they call hoodies in Saskatchewan. Someone from Saskatchewan should probably confirm this though.. :?

Correct. And only some do it. It's kind of weird.