Ping Pong.

I had the pleasure of attending practice yesterday and hanging out with some of the players and coaches afterwards, when a ping pong (aka table tennis) game broke out.

It was Simoni and Speedy vs Jeremiah and Mike (Filer). Who knew but professional atheletes tend to be good athletes. The quality of the ping pong was impressive.

More importantly it was an example of everything I saw yesterday, a general sense of, as the French say: esprit de corps - among the players, coaches and football staff. The level of competence and confidence is very high in the locker room.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the season to see what this talented team can do.

Cheers, Caretaker.

I'll bet Jeremiah and Mike appreciated the opportunity to do battle side-by-side, rather than their more familiar position.

Bet their beer pong is pretty good too.

So who won?

gotta be at the game to find out! it’ll be the subject of a 13 minute pregame video with questionable volume on the big screen :wink:

I hope Filer’s not tired!

boy I miss ping pong. Havent played a good game in over 20 years.

he was busy bailing out his pairing :wink:

Who’s up for some some beach volleyball featuring the lovely Ticats Offensive Line?

Here’s exclusive footage… ;D

Speedy is so short that he had to cheat because he couldn’t see over the table… ;D

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