Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming!

Is this really happening here? We get Karikari and even Tracy Ham wants a piece of this action! Dejardins is a definately a mover and a shaker! This team is gonna be awesome. Finally have a real quarterback coach who has not only played the game but dominated it and would know what he's talking about. If this keeps up, I might be in danger of happiness! :smiley:

Tracy is only here for Camp.
He one of New US Scouts..

Well whaddya know! Wasn’t it about time! The old one should have been burned a long, long ago. The more the day progresses the nicer the things I’m learning about our changes. Ch- Ch- Changes! :thup:

And I heard all this last year. It was the same noise about how great our receivers looked in camp and then we went 2 & 0 in the preseason, so I will not believe we have a good team untill they start winning games that mean something.

Ok, still good. No even better in fact. Ham's a winner. He would know talent better than alot of people. He could do the team more good as an evaluator than a coach.

Better coaches this year, new playbook, new attitude. There won't be a repeat of last year. Trust me.

I know there won’t be a repeat of last year, but still there’s a lot of new players on this team and they’re young. They are definately in rebuilding mode and they may not start winning games until after mid season.

Trust Dejardins. It's a whole new look attitude top to bottom. Wait and see how Maas's injury heals. I really can't criticise too much so far. I'd love to, but I'm having difficulty.

Guys All I can Tell you is Have Faith.
Even when the Dawn looks dark their Will Be Light.

I Truely Feel We have Team that Will be a Playoff Team.
(if they Jell)
Why Cause of the Great Staff Bob Young and Marcell Gave Us.

Bob's had it with me. He wants me shut and he wants me shut up for good!

We have to remember that this is an 8 team league with alot of player movement every year and that 6/8 teams make the playoffs...

Also consider we went from a 2 win team in 1997 to East Champs in 1998 and a Grey Cup in 1999. All that with a new coach and 2 offensive studs.

This is the CFL... playoffs are a very real posibility this year.

The nice thing with having Bob as owner, caretaker, whatever, is that he was willing to try some different things at the beginning that may have been close to his heart ie. trying an unproven Canadian college coach for the Cats and see if this worked. This is great because we would all like to be able to act from our hearts first really. I admire him for that. And not to take anything away from Greg Marshall, he could still prove to be an excellent head coach in the cFL one day. But then to say, hmmmm, not working, let me try and more tested and proven approach. Without ever trying the first approach, he might have in his mind "what if", like we all do with things in life we wished we had of tried at the time when presented. Like for me I wish I had of at least tried out for college football but didn't, I regret this even though I'm sure I would have been cut on the first day of practice.

Bob, you are no. 1 with me!!

I have to agree with you .

The thing I like Onknight is that sure, the first approach could have worked and we all as Cat fans wish it did, I mean we all want the Cats to be at least very competetive each year. But now we don't have to deal with Bob thinking "I wonder if we did this" that may have been in his heart type of thing where we have a good team and coaches etc. and then Bob has a disagreement with a coach and says "enough, I'm going to try what I thought I should have tried in the first place, what my heart wanted". No, he has that out of the way and from now on in, it's more head first and heart second. The CFL might not be as heavy duty competetive like the NFL some might say mainly because of the monies involved, but it is pro sports and must be treated as such to be in the hunt for a winner.

Dream about +4wins :rockin:

You must be referring to the Ottawa Senators! :thdn:

The funny thing is I bet we wouldnt have been that bad of a team if we caught some early breaks and won some games i.e. the game in Calgary.

Prediction...First home game, beating Toronto in the 4 qr., we continue to pound the ball down their throats.

Let's not start calling ourselves contenders just yet. We don't want to end up like the Blue Bomber fans who are all touting grey cup victory only to be seriously disappointed.

Nobody’s saying we’re going to win the Cup right out of the gate but I believe we have as good a shot at contention as anybody else out there. We’re much more solid in coaching and it all begins there.