Pinballs tribute

During Pinballs tribute to the fans last night he made mention of one of his former teammates who died of cancer.
I couldn't make out the name. Did anyone else hear the name or know to whom he is referring?

Norm Casola (sp)? was mainly a special team player for the Argos back then. Fullback type. If I recall correctly he was a cousin of Paul Masotti's.

Thanks DoubleBlue. Using your spelling I was able to find him on the Argo's All-Time roster list. Here's what it had to say.

Casola, Norm (69-5) - A hardworking
special teams captain who was a
fan-favourite and community leader. He
was diagnosed with cancer during
training camp of the 1998 season and
tragically passed while still on the injured
reserve list. ..............................1994-97