Pinball to step down as Argos Coach

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Pinball was on the Fan590 this morning & admitted that when the Argos were struggling, he met with team officials and offered to step down if they felt a coaching change was needed.

Plus, apparantly, he wanted to step down last year, but was convinced to stick around with the Grey Cup in Toronto this year.

Anyway, Pinball is a class act - as a coach, player and person. I hope that whatever he decides to do, he remains a positive advocate for Canadian football and the CFL in general.

Congrats, Pinball!

If he does cut his ties with the Argos, I hope down the road he has a run as CFL commish. He's been a HOF player and head coach, very well connected throughout the league, a successful businessman and well thought of everywhere. He is one guy who I think could reach out beyond the usual fan community to the community-at-large and help build the CFL.

First things first though--a Grey Cup!

An Argo-Cat fan

When Marcel 1st got here.
He locked us fan out of Ticats Practices .
Well Pinball found out Invites us to the Argos Practices That week.

He Spend a Few Mins with all the fans who came out talked with us.
After Practice He had every Argo Player and Staff Member there shake out hands.

Pinball is all Class
I wish him luck with Rest of his life outside football

I thought after he was done coaching he was going to remain with the club as president but best of luck to him whatever he decides its too bad in the past few years we havent had anyone close to what he is to the argos

we did but He Retired an Eskimo
Cause of Marcel…

Weedman, that's your cue!!

Snotball is an Argo...That makes him the enemy...Never liked him ...Glad to see him go....Hope he goes out on a losing note...Oskee Wee Wee...

"Pinball, your just coaching the wrong team" (BA Johnston 2005, "Jesus is from Steeltown")

Evil Double blue or not I think pinball is one of the classiest coaches this league has seen in a long time and remember when he first became coach and was a player and a coach it was pretty cool good luck Pinball