Pinball to finish coaching this year - affects our GM choice

Adrion “Peewee” Smith on the Fan right now. Suggests this is Pinball’s last year coaching and in fact if Grey Cup was not in Toronto this year he would have been done last year. Questioning what he will do next year. Peewee suggests Pinball has some things going on outside of football he may be interested in and President of Argos was also mentioned.
Why do I bring this up…Pinball suggested earlier today on the Fan that if he was part of the Cat organization he would be chasing both Rita and Mohns to join their organization. Are they an easier grab with Pinball not around??? Both Rita and Mohns would be great choices with great experience and success in the CFL.

After reading todays National Post looks like your scenario is only one of many that could play out soon.
According to the Post, Brendan Taman in Winnipeg is Mitchell's first choice for GM.

I hear Taman isnt a big fan of draft picks....

Ti-cat fans, You do not want Taman! He has kept and over the hill kicker in Westwood. He let Geroy Simon slip away. R&W2005, has a longer list of mishaps than I do.

Trust me. You do not want Taman!

no to Taman-Hire Dunigan-

Have you read how pinball was scammed?Its in thursdays spec on the front page!