PINBALL:The Making of a Canadian HERO!

CFL BOOK NEWS : A new book about , PINBALL. :smiley:

Someone should tell the author pinball is not Canadian

He is now a Canadian citizen and his kids where born here.

" I am American by birth and Canadian by choice "

I don't mean to nit-pick but the Bio on the Argo web page only says he made an application for Canadian citizenship

Cool! Pinball is GREAT!!!

"the making of"

Great person, and not just football person, but person in general, who is a great community leader.

He has earned his red + white stripes.

Pinball i have always respected as player, coach, and look like an individual to respect. Even if he's an Argos, he is the guy i cant hate. Nice article, its a book i'll be looking for.

That makes scence

you are are 1 generation Canadian , right? Are not immagrants coming to Canada worthy of becoming Canadian hero's?

Sure, but In my opinion they should be Canadian to be called a Canadian Hero. By birth or by imigration makes no difference to me.

But then again, if an Irish dude comes here and do something heroïc, is he a Canadian Hero or an Irish Hero?

The way I look at it is I am very proud CANADIAN and I don’t appreciate the word CANADIAN being thrown around so freely.
With all due respect to Pinball, he is not Canadian(yet) therefore in my opinion he may be a hero to some, but he is not a Canadian hero.

He will be canadian.
Why do you hate Pinball so much ro1313?
You have never said anything nice about him!!!

I dont hate him at all.
I think he was a great player.
Like I said, when he is Candian fine. Untill then I do not like the fact that he is refered to as a Canadian hero. Thats all!!

O.K. ro1313.
From previous posts.It just sounded like you never liked him.
Remember when you called him.....What was it??????Something cheerleader.Do you remember that ro1313.
Anyways doesn't really matter.

Ya I said he was a glorified Cheerleader.
Like I said he was a great player but Somehow as a coach??????
He doesn't call the plays. doesn't wear a headset to talk to the people upstairs. He claps a lot thought.
Just my opinion

I will be picking this up. Hopefully someday he will be interested in coaching the Eskimos.. lol

Pinball is a great person with class, and I think he is a Canadian hero.

I think tha quote says it best.