Pinball plays David to indifferent Toronto's Goliath

The certainties of life: death; taxes; and Pinball Clemons wins.

It isn't subtle. When the Argos need to rise invariably they do. 100th Grey Cup? Toronto. Team can't pay the bills? Enter David Braley. Team isn't good on the field? Help yourself to Ricky Ray.

Now: 2021.

The global Covid-nineteen pandemic has taken the world through the looking glass. As was said in Oliver Stone's movie JFK about perception of the event: up is down and black is white.

And the CFL playing field has been levelled.

Take a situation where the strongest market in Canada is Regina and by far the weakest is Toronto. Like Montreal floundering at the Olympic Stadium in disinterested Quebec after the failed American expansion are the present day Argonauts. Condemned to death.

Enter the famous U2 concert that shifted games to McGill and began a CFL "renaissance" of sellout crowds and brand new venues.

Or the Covid-nineteen pandemic that makes crowd limitations the in thing.

Less is more. Small is big.

Pinball it's over to you.


I was hoping he would run for mayor but I guess running the Argos is second best.