Pinball now Argo CEO

Announced a few minutes ago. HC to be announced Thursday. Given the very short timeline, it looks like Stubler as expected. Buratto to be interviewed by the Als tomorrow. Apparently Don Matthews will be involved in the decision (and he's a friend of Buratto's). The plot thickens.

An Argo-Cat fan

Guess Kavis Reed with be the new DC in Toronto.

If that's the case, and I've always liked Kavis as a person and a player, he may be biting off more than he can chew.

Maybe, maybe not. He's now had a year of tutoring under Stubler, and it looks like Stubler will still be there to oversee him as the Head Coach.

I always thought it sort of weird with Pinner going around saying he wasn’t a career coach. Hey, that’s fine, probably most coaches are like that. But best to keep it to yourself as saying this to me implies your heart isn’t really into it as much as it should be to be a head coach, at any time. The Argos are better off with him in an admin role.

I Wish Kavis all the best
Expect when He plays Hamilton.

Onknight, what if it's better for the Cats to have the Argos lose agains't another team to say get us in the playoffs? Still wishing the best for Kavis and the Argos to win in this case? :wink:

Earl, the Argos may be better off
with Pinball in an administrative role,

but IMHO saying Pinball didn't put his heart
into his coaching that is R-I D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.:wink:

His main strength as a coach was the
motivation he provided to his players.

If Pinball did not step down as HC, the Argos may have risked losing Stubler to another team who are looking for a new HC...assuming the Argos hire Stubler as their next HC.

i saw pinball on primetime tonight. he and his wife feel a responsibility to do as much as they can for others and their community given that they have the repsect of these people. i think everyone's gotta love this guy.

i wonder where his path would have brought him if he broke into the league as a cat? :?

Actually this is the best place for Pinball Clemons as he wasn't really a 'COACH', never mind a career coach, but more of a figurehead/cheerleader. He was effective in his role in that he let the real 'COACHES' call the shots and do the coaching knowing that you need more skills than motivational techniques to be a real 'COACH'. I think that if it were not for Rich Stubler that the TO team would never have gotten as far as they did, in fact I think that Stubler had more influence on that team than just the DC. Real knowledgeable guy, too bad that the 'Cats could not have snagged him. Hope he falls on his face as a HC though LOL.
Oh well, good for Pinball, he always looked good on TV flashing those pearly whites and talking a good job. Always reminded me of Mel Lastman, didn't really do much but looked good not doing it.