Pinball not inducted into HoF

Actually I thought Invader's points were ridiculously uninformed. I hate the Argos as much as anyone, but it's impossible to deny Pinball's contribution.

Prominent only in Toronto? What's that got to do with anything? Allen Pitts was only prominent in Calgary. Wartren Moon only in Edmonton. Stegall only in Winnipeg. Passaglia only in BC. Do you have to be a Damon Allen/Matt Dunigan type (play for every team, some of them twice) to be "nationally prominent"?

Why is it every time something happens that people dont agree with they refer to the league as bush?

Back to Pinball!

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Shawn Coates, chair of the CFL's Hall of Fame selection committee, said no one is trying to slight Clemons or anyone else. It just sometimes takes time for a candidate to be voted into the Hall.

"There are a lot of eligible and suitable candidates that haven't been inducted yet," Coates said in a telephone interview Thursday. "I think there is a recognition there are eligible candidates that have been on the ballot for a longer period of time and maybe they are worthy of more serious consideration.

"When you look at some of the player who are just becoming eligible now, the thought might be, in the eyes of some voters, that we'll get to them next year or the year after."

Are you kidding me! Pinball is probably the most recognizable CFLer there is and is loved by everyone across Canada. Are you telling me that Battle is more prominent across Canada than Pinball!?!?!?

The CFL is known for its crazy punt/kickoff returns, so why not celebrate and honour a guy who collected over 25 000 yards doing it? Not putting him or Dougie in the Hall is absolutely retarded.

Everyone here says they'll be there eventually, but these guys were so good and so great for the game they shouldn't have to wait to get somewhere they have deserved to be as soon as the retired.

It is a shame that Pinball didn't get elected to the Hall of Fame this year. Hopefully he will make it next year.