Pinball not inducted into HoF

Simmons does make a valid point I think, and other points:

"The snubbing of Michael (Pinball) Clemons, for the second straight year by the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, is clearly an issue of colour.

But this time the colour happens to be Double Blue.

"Pinball Clemons should be in the Hall of Fame, first ballot, period, end of story," Argos president Keith Pelley said. "He should be in the Hall of Fame in two categories, both as player and builder.

"The first day Michael was eligible, this should have been automatic. You have to question why this hasn't happened. It's stunning."

This is what happens when you play for Argo Blue. You wear it and the Hall of Fame renders you and itself irrelevant. This isn't new, it just happens to be getting worse.

Pinball Clemons ran, caught and returned the ball for 25,438 yards in 186 Canadian Football League games. That is, for the record, more yards gained than any player in any league, in history. Just not good enough two years in a row for the 12 who are clearly not colour blind when it comes to old Argonauts.

Shame on Russ Jackson, on Peter Dalla Riva on the ex-Argo Peter Martin and the other voters from across Canada.

Darren Flutie, who didn't wear Double Blue, was elected ahead of Clemons, even if he happens to be 11,000 yards behind him. We are not questioning how Flutie got in -- he deserved it. But ahead of Clemons?

Not a chance.

Clemons changed the teams he played on and the games he played in. You couldn't take your eye off him. He averaged 136 yards a game, 186 times. He won three Grey Cups as a player, one as a coach, breathed life into a franchise that was dead and bankrupt.

Have we missed anything here?

When TSN underwent the ambitious project of determining the Top 50 players of the modern era, Pinball Clemons wound up 31st on the list. Every single Hall of Fame eligible player ahead of him on the list is in the Hall.

Flutie was 50th on that list.

New Hall of Fame members, offensive linemen Rocco Romano and Pierre Vercheval, who both had short stints in Toronto, were not in the Top 50. In Romano's case, he wasn't even listed among 185 players on the ballot.

Nine-time all-star Dan Ferrone, whom Romano backed up in Toronto, didn't make the Hall. Rocco did.

If it was just Clemons or just Ferrone, you could stop there with conspiracy theories. But Dave (Tuffy) Knight, a lovely man, is going to the Hall for his years coaching at Wilfrid Laurier University. Knight is entering in the builder's category. Leo Cahill has already been eliminated as a Hall candidate. Never mind that football in the CFL's toughest market was never more alive, never more in demand, never more in the headlines than in the Cahill years. If that isn't a builder, what is?

No disrespect to Tuffy, but if you compare the impact Cahill had to the impact of Knight had, well, it's like comparing 25,000 yards to 14,000 yards.

"The two best marketers in Argo history are Leo Cahill and Pinball Clemons," Pelley said. "I've had the Leo argument for years and I hear people say he's not in because he didn't win a Grey Cup."

By that definition, Marv Levy would be out because Scott Norwood missed a kick.

But it doesn't stop there with Argo snubs. This has been going on forever.

Dick Thornton, who played offence, defence and quote machine, all at the same time, wasn't only one of the great characters of Canadian football. He was one of the great players. No one has returned more interceptions for touchdowns than him. He's not eligible for the Hall anymore -- because after 25 years of eligibility, his time, like Cahill's, is up.

It's the same for Jim Rountree, who played 10 years in the CFL, seven as an all-star. Somehow the Hall missed him, too. And in a league in which special teams are everything, the greatest punter who ever lived, Hank Ilesic, has been passed over year after year. He won seven Grey Cups and played 11 years in Toronto, did almost everything asked of him.

Except he had a wardrobe problem. Like Pinball Clemons, he wore Double Blue."

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Flutie was 50th on that list.

I think Doug was no.1 on the list, not 50th.
Why Pinball was not elected is a travesty, but as far as team, it could just as well be his open Christian beliefs, Both are ridiculous points, Mike is a Hall member in anyone's eyes who saw him.

I waiting for Arland Bruce to jump into the everybody hates the Argos rant.

The Pinball though should definately be inductedn no question.

It's hard to dispute the argument that Pinball should have been a shoo-in to the Hall. I wonder if his continued involvement makes it seem to voters like he never really left? If he had disappeared in anger like Allen Pitts it might have actually improved his chances.

Anyway, going through the list of Hall of Fame inductees there are very few names that stand out as Argos. Condredge Holloway is one of the only ones I saw from the past 25 years or so, unless you count Matt Dunigan who can't really be associate with any team since he played for all of them.

So maybe there is some kind of bias. If that's the case, all I can say is, all Argos past and present should have known that there are negative consequences to joining an Evil Organization.

("I didn't spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called 'mister,' thank you very much.")

Evil Organization

What, Paul Godfrey is now associated with the Argos in some way? :lol:

Earl, you've hit it on the head! An evil plot by Paul Godfrey! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

he was talking about darren being 50th not doug you idiot.

As for pinball, wo really cares if he makes the hall of fame right now, he is gonna get in regardless, this article makes no sense, because the guy is still active in the game, and maybe they want to induct in a combination of player/builder/coach once he leaves for a few years, s typical overreacting article by argos PR man steve simmons, a typical toronto media lvoer who always claims toronto is getting punked off, that article made we wanna vomit.

Both Pinner and Cahill should be in (IMO)

Who cares if they are still working?

Could be … but I thought it was a reference to the Eskimos? :smiley:

It was nice to see that at no point did the article use this as a reason to call the CFL “bush league” … I read through the whole article, expecting the next paragraph to bring that up, but thankfully it never did.

Anyway, Simmons does bring up some good points. But I’d think that since Pinball is still coaching, he’s kinda out of the mind of the voters. Is Buono in the HoF? What about Matthews? Pinball will have 25 years to get in after he retires from coaching. He should go into the hall, and hopefully he will …

If the Pinner walked away from the league today, he would be inducted tomorrow, of that you can be sure, his time will come.


I have been a CFL FOOTBALL fanatic for 40 yrs now, however, this pure assinine insult to pinbal proves that the league admin is a joke. When they finally do get around to nominating Pinball, he should tell them to stick it, even though I know he has too much class to do so. These HOF voters should all be run outta canada because only a brainless russian spy could fail to immediatly put Pinball in already.

Agreed ...

Do you think Cahill should be in too? (I do)

Pinball will be in the hall of fame .. i know it, you know it, pinball knows it, and the league knows it ..

So who cares if it happens this year, or next year, or in 30 years .. What an honor to be recognized in the canadian football hall of fame for all of eternity - I sincerely doubt he's complaining .. I dont see why some of you message board dwellers seem to care more, than the guy who actually earned it.


Pinball not being in the HOF is just yet another example of the backroom crap that goes on all to frequently in this league. Apparently he wasn't even a finalist this year, even though he was last year. That in itself is stupid, and bush league. The guy is a legend, on and off the field. Who cares whether he's still coaching or not? Should the NHL then keep Gretzky out cause he's still a coach? No!

Almost lost in all of this is the exclusion of Hank Ilesic to the hall. One of the, some say (me included) the best punter in league history. Who did he piss of to not be inducted. Again, BUSH LEAGUE!

Hey EastVanMark, the Canadian Football HOF is an independant entity from the CFL. Wield your comments to them and stop being a bush poster.

At least the HOF has plenty of HOFamers to induct unlike baseball which is running a little dry and may have to skip inductions all together or run the risk of inducting Mark Mcguire.

Baseball's HOF is the toughest one to get into out of all of the major sports. They haven't "run dry" of candidates, but you can only come up for induction so many times before your name comes off the ballot. McGuire wasn't elected this year (wasn't even close), and won't be elected any time soon.

Pinball being left out of the hall is a black eye for the League because most people will associate the 2 entities together. It might be a case of BUSH-by association, but it's still Bush.

Just because a player is popular or was productive in Toronto doesn't automatically mean they should be inducted into the national Hall of Fame.

Pinball is a great guy, but his prominence is mainly in Toronto, not nationally. Same as Cahill and some of the other guy's the writer suggested.

Voters from across Canada choose the inductees, not just Toronto. Every city in Canada has it's heros and builders who are equally reveered in their own city or region.

The fact is that Pinball was a pretty good punt returner, but was certainly no Gizmo, and probably didn't deserve to be in the HOF for his playing career, despite his yardage totals...mostly from kickoff and punt returns.

Pinball is still active in the league, when he retires he will be a shoe-in for induction into the CFL HFO, mainly for his building, coaching and community service.

pinball was the most exciting running back this league ever saw. Note, I said most exciting, not best. Total yards counts for as much as anything else. Qbs get in for yrds. Receivers get in for yards. etc.

Nobody was as good as Pinball for combined offensive talent, although Craig Ellis was pretty good as well.

Good points , Invader

...but I don't really care where Pinner's numbers came from .... they are HUGE ... over 25,000 yards