Pinball lost his ring last night

The National Post is reporting that Pinball Clemons had his Grey Cup ring stolen in Vancouver last night. Apparently he tossed it into the crowd, but the crowd didn't toss it back. Think I might have been able to predict that. :cowboy:

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Sad story about the ring but I have 2 questions.

  1. What was he thinking tossing his ring into the crowd?

  2. Who dressed him up yesterday, all he needed was fuzzy orange hair and he could have passed for Crusty the Clown?

And why was he looking so angry? I had the sound down on the TV when the camera was trained on him, so wasn't sure what was going on. Maybe he knew his ring was missing by then?

it was foolish to toss his ring into a group of people, but why did nobody around this woman prevent her from walking away with it?

He should run for mayor of Toronto !

I would vote for him, clown suit and all!

Tough to be Mayor of a city you don't live in though. Pinball lives in Oakville about 20 km west of the city limits.

As we know if it isn't in downtown Toronto or close by, it doesn't count with the "real" Torontonians. So yes, no Pinball for Mayor.

I see many of you think it's funny but it's not. Pinball is a nice man and he treats everyone with kindness. The woman should be ashamed of herself. Hope they find her.

Hope they find her for sure but hey, a dog eat dog world out there, loyalty is a word of the past it seems with no respect, especially in Toronto. Or any big city - Vancouver... Different world out there, sadly. :thdn:

It's Vancouver..30% of kids are on the free lunch program...Lowest wages in Canada West of Quebec yet the most expensive city in North America... It's his own fault really.. Miles we'll go to Jamaica and throw your ring into a mob of gangsters.

Sorry, according to Stats Can lowest average wages west of Quebec are in Manitoba. As for % of kids on a free lunch programme…care to share the stats on that? I can’t find anything on line.

What did you hope to accomplish by your claims? What did it contribute to the discussion?

Not sure what she expects to do with it? She can't sell it.

Anyway, with all the cameras in the world, hopefully someone got her pic.

Nope... I wasn't saying BC.. I was saying Vancouver... I'm just saying that you can get away with certain things in Switzerland that you can't get away with in Haiti.. Vancouver is rapidly becoming a very underprivileged city.

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That is disgusting that people can do such a thing especially to the best human being I have ever met.
I think Cuthbert mentioned it during the game and it is not a bad idea to have Michael either as the new commish or in the head office in a high capacity role.

No, I think you just thought you'd take a cheap shot at a city you probably don't live in as if throwing a GC ring into the crowd in other CFL cities wouldn't end the same way. Well, I do live in Vancouver and I feel very privileged to live here....and I can't afford to buy a single family dwelling either.

What does "...very underprivileged city..." mean anyway?

I've lived in cities # 3, # 4 and # 16 on the list, and with all due respect, I wouldn't go back to any of them (to live) for all the tea in China.

By the way, the link/list you supplied clearly shows Abbotsford's average wages to be lower than Vancouver and I'm pretty sure Abby is west of Quebec as well.

Amen, brother. :thup: I am shocked anyone could take pleasure in something bad happening to this man.

What I don't understand...

You can't scratch your butt in today's world without someone taking a picture of it.

This woman steal an expensive ring, in the middle of a closed building and no one has a clue who she is. What's wrong with this picture?

Look, Pinball is known to us as CFL fans but to most people in Canada including most Torontonians, the man doesn't even exist.

which means what???