PINBALL in trouble with the law!!!!

Yep it is true.
Yesterday after the game.Pinball was driving in the car.He was doing an interview on his phone.The police pulled him over.
He didn't have his seat belt on.This was all recorded live.
Shame on you pinball.
Look out Argo fans.Ti-cats will be all over this.They probably want to give him 25 years in jail.LOL
Pinball is human after all.

Holy cow, Saskie!!! The mystique of Pinball is shattered!!!! Before you know it, he'll be on America's Most Wanted----Canadian Edition or something like that.

haha.. yeah right. Mr. Goody-two-shoes forgot to put on a seatbelt? It doesn't exactly make him a 'badboy', not even a CFL badboy. Maybe if he'd thrown a helmet at the cop giving him the ticket and hit a little boy riding his bike down the other side of the road....

No doubt.....Pinball should be IMMEDIATELY deported to Florida for this blatant disrespect for Canadian society. And that way our dumbass immigration department can let in another 100 or so terrorists, rather than keep rogues like pinball who actually contribute to their new country.


Probably Pinballs first ticket.

I never said he got a ticket!!!
I said he got pulled over!!!

Ahhh, doing 50 over the speed limit in a school zone takes off 3 points and your licence for a month eh? Yes, i learned the hard way... ode to the old highschool days.

so he got pulled over, with no seatbelt on and didn't get a ticket? Unfair treatment! they would have given me one!

I never said he didn't get a ticket either.

you said it was recorded...did he or did he not get one...

They never said.
All they said was he got pulled over!!!

maybe he gave the cop a ticket the next Argo game.....and if that happened it should definitely be investigated......who cares....this is all too much speculation... 8)

Holy crap.
O.K. nobody have fun on this site.
I know,lets see who has the best line backer in the league.
Lets talk about how many green jerseys are all over Canada.
Lighten up Papazoola.
Everyone knows Pinball is Mr.Cfl.
Just like to have alittle fun on the site.

why green about blue.....I have already lightened up....right down to my loafers.....anyway I didn't mean to wreck your Pinball story .....I just hate the topics of tickets as I have received a few too many....maybe I'm just a little too touchy about the subject... :stuck_out_tongue:

25 years eh? All of a sudden, saskargo started making alot of sense.

The article was in today's (Sept 29) Toronto Star. Apparently, Pinball was headed from their practice facility in Mississauga. He was changing his shirt in the car and afterwards was on his cell phone to an Ottawa radio station. Towards the end of the interview, and remember, they were STILL on the air, Pinball got pulled over by the cop and quizzed him about the seat belt infraction.

Am I wrong yeast#5?
No, I have seen your posts before.Always trying to bash the ARGOS.
That is expected of ti-cat fans.I have nothing against ti-cat fans.
I just call it like I see it.
I know if it was a Barret.I would be all over it.
As for me making sense.Better chances of ti-cats winning a cup!!!LOL
Just kidding.

Did he learn this from Baker or Levingston

Your right only Hank Burris has a smile like Pinballs!

You diabolical!!!!!!!!!! lol